DEDHAM (CBS) – If you’ve noticed fewer political lawn signs and bumper stickers during this election cycle, fear could be the reason why.

As Nov. 8 approaches, fewer people than usual are displaying their political affiliation via signs or stickers because tensions are running so high. Residents in Dedham said they understand why people are hesitant to make their political views public.

“Maybe because people are afraid to let people know who they’re voting for,” one Dedham resident told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens. “You don’t see too many signs for either. Maybe people are afraid to get labeled.”

People don’t want to be labeled, others in Dedham said, because the result could be vandalism or even violence.

Some said they would worry about their car getting destroyed if they attached a political bumper sticker. Others said they’d be afraid of violence if they advertised support for Donald Trump because many in Massachusetts vote Democrat.

WBZ-TV Political Analyst Jon Keller said social media exacerbates that fear.

“Slapping a bumper sticker on your car, putting a sign in your yard, next thing you know there’s a photo of it online,” Keller said. “It gets back to people or someone you don’t want it to get back to. Now you’ve angered your customers, perhaps your boss, people in your community.”

Whatever the reason, Dedham residents said this election is like no other before.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

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  1. mstarvin says:

    The only violence or vandalism I have seen reported was to people who support Trump…funny I guess liberals really aren’t that tolerant….

    1. I concur… it is all violent leftists trying to suppress their political opposition through fear and violence. This is always the way things end up under a leftist rule. I hope I live to see the day when the patriots rise up and stomp out these cowards.

    2. Ashley West says:

      Democrats have damaged cars and brought violence on attendees at EVERY Trump rally.

    3. Tolerance for thee, but not for me…

    4. BujuBanton says:

      This works both ways. I’m a black man who lives in a nice (white) middle class neighborhood in Louisiana. I have no doubt that most of my neighbors are Trump supporters. I’ve only seen two political signs in our neighborhood…both for Trump. I would not dare put a Clinton sign in my yard…not so much out of fear…but basically I’d like to keep the peace, and in a state where some folks openly fly the confederate flag it’s probably not smart to go against the grain in my own neighborhood. I know who I’m voting for so I don’t need to advertise that to the world. Besides my lawn sign is not going to encourage others to vote for Clinton.

      1. Whirly Bird says:

        You’d be surprised. Many of those people in your neighbourhood may have voted for America’s first black president. I’ll vote for Trump but I fully support the rights of others to express their political sentiments. You’re entitled to yours and should feel free to express yourself (Even if I think you’re wrong. :-p )

    5. Floyd R Turbo (American) says:

      I live in the San Francisco Bay area and I have seen no more than three “Hillary” stickers TOTAL. I suppose it’s possible that people really DO support her but won’t display stickers or signs because they’re afraid of violence, but I’m not sure that’s true because I still see lots of “Obama” stickers from four years ago, and quite literally DOZENS of “Bernie” stickers.
      The liberals were into Bernie – but they’re NOT into her..

  2. Lots of violent crazies on the left… Better to just keep you head down and go vote

  3. yewzernayme says:

    Afraid to put up a sign? Not exactly Founding Father style bravery. I guess I’m rolling hard with my Trump/Pence bumper sticker. It’s yuuuge!

    1. Cruella says:

      I like my new auto license plate: DPLRABLE

    2. Chriss says:

      We STRONGLY support Trump. We have from the first day he declared. We NEVER supported any other primary candidate. We live north of Boston and will NOT put signs or stickers on … Although I do put TEMPORARY ones on by propping them up inside the car and I remove them when we get home and before I get to work (I work at a very liberal non-profit).

      Saying I have not the courage of our Founding Fathers is an INSULT and you should be ashamed. I have given more time and treasure for unfavorable causes and candidates in MA than 99% of citizens. I will NOT subject my wife to the risk of physical danger or damage to her vehicle.
      That does not make me a coward, sir, it makes me smart. We don’t have the LEGAL ability to defend ourselves or our property that prevailed during the years of the Founding Fathers.

      That was a stupid comment. Essentially comparing yourself to the Founding Fathers because you shoved a piece of cardboard in your lawn. WOW. REVOLUTIONARY Bravery.

      1. yewzernayme says:

        “Give me somewhere to hide my Trump sign, or give me death”

      2. Chriss says:

        yewzernayme – stop being ridiculous. i have no doubt that if it came to armed conflict i will be at the front lines while you cower in a basement awaiting any outcome so you can come out claiming you helped whatever side prevail.

      3. anmnh says:

        Chriss, you made my day. With all the sorry, sad stories out there validating our worst fears, and the pushback from the pr ess protecting cheating and lying politicians, that you’re taking such a stand in a basically antagonistic state (I’m just up north), your actions me proud.

      4. Ralph Martin says:

        I dont blame you or anyone else a bit. I have a truck im upside down on and ive been tempted to slap trump stickers all over it and park it in the nearest ghetto for the insurance. lol

  4. Vince says:

    All the violence is coming from the left. Tell the TRUTH media!!!

  5. Joseppe says:

    With the current state of the oh so tolerant liberals you’d be crazy to leave a car parked with a Trump sticker. Respect for others and their property left with the rest of the typical Democrat’s code of amorality.

    1. Chriss says:

      Exactly. They vandalized 20+ cars in Bangor, ME. (Have you priced a full-around factory-level paint job?) They fire-bombed two RNC Headquarters… These cowards in the night …. I am not risking my family’s safety or our property over a $6 lawn sign. I fight LOUDLY in other ways.

  6. Bob Oneil says:

    Keller is a pompous gasbag liberal. Hillary and the democrats are PAYING people to attack Trump supporters, wheres the writeup on that? Where’s the indignant outrage eh Jon?

  7. Inebrius says:

    I live in Minneapolis and the libs are ultra looney here… I was just telling my wife I would like to put up a yard sign but I know for sure it will get yanked or my house vandalized within days of putting it up… Just not worth it when you’re in a blue state with no chance of a conservative ever getting the nod from Minnesota…

  8. Bob says:

    I have a bumper sticker, sign in the yard and wear Trump shirts to the Gym – I have never had the first Negative comment or even a vague threat – but I’m 6’2” at 220 and in good shape.

  9. Joe E in the IE says:

    “Fear May Be Behind Fewer Political Signs And Stickers This Election Year”

    Uh, no, make that

    “Fear Of Violence From Soros-Funded DNC Goons Is Behind Fewer Trump Political Signs And Stickers This Election Year”

  10. John Oakman says:

    Lock and load—they are gonna try.

  11. Sean A Foltz says:

    Liberals are too psychotic to take a chance putting a Trump sticker on your car – too many incidents of people finding their windows busted or their car vandalized in some manner.

    The left media has demonized not just Trump, but now his supporters, thus effectively declaring open season on them.

    You’ll notice though that despite this persecution, you see far more Trump stickers and yard signs then you see Hillary ones and Trump has turn out at his rallies in the thousands versus Hillary’s ability to barely pull in a few hundred people.

    As such, despite the rigged polls, such as the CNN one which featured 58% Democrats, you’re going to see Trump blow her out of the water come election day – figure Trump at 53-55% of the popular vote and 300ish electoral votes.

  12. Daniel Staggers says:

    I don’t think it’s fear at all. Everyone is voting for Donald Trump and they don’t have to explain themselves. PERIOD!

  13. Rick LaBonte says:

    I have a Trump lawn sign and every once in a while I see a liberal staring at it but then they see me on the porch with my 12 ga and they scoot on by.

    1. donttreadonme says:


  14. I suppose it IS “fear” on some level. I fear the hassle of messing with the court system for gutshooting some idiot liberal tearing down my Trump signs.

  15. BeanerECMO says:

    re: If you’ve noticed fewer political lawn signs and bumper stickers during this election cycle… That’s only if they are Trump signs. However, there are a bunch of hearty folks that say bring it on.

    People keep talking about liberal progressives. Liberal progressives are neither liberal nor progressive. THEY want to control how YOU speak, think, and act; i.e., how YOU live. But those rules are not for THEM. THEY are ‘do as I say, not as I do, limousine liberal regressives’.

    1. Terry Broadwell says:

      I advocate that folks stop calling them liberals. They are NOT liberals. What we are dealing with are Radical LEFTISTS. They have left liberalism far behind them. A liberal is someone who has similar beliefs to other American citizens, just more liberal. Do you see any similarity to yourself in the Lying Leftist Loons who are running our schools and our media ??? They are Leftists !

      1. JR says:

        Instead of submitting, just start shooting the vandals when they damage your property. Once intimidation doesn’t work they won’t do it.

      2. Dave Gardner says:

        Look up the term TRANZI, I think you will find it enlightening,

  16. Triple T says:

    It’s no coincidence that Hitlary and Hitler have similar sounding names they also have similar tactics as well: “destroy anyone who disagrees with me”

  17. cleo48 says:

    The Democrat party has become FAR too dangerous to have in our midst, let alone holding positions in government.

  18. WI Citizen says:

    I once had Scott Walker stickers on my vehicle. Democrats slashed all 4 tires, keyed all sides of my SUV and put superglue on the windshield.

  19. Yes, fear of violence is a factor. Mostly, it’s because there are two utterly horrendous candidates. The entire system has devolved into factional warfare and a giant political power grab with every clan seeking government control of others.

  20. queenicarius says:

    I donated, but I won’t put my signs out. I live in an educated, multi-cultural neighborhood and I want to be sensitive that they might have a different opinion.

  21. I put on my “Trump-Pence 2016 Make America Great Again” bumper sticker next to my “Don’t Tread On Me” flag decal 45 days ago and feel lucky not to have been vandalized. To the contrary, people give me a thumbs up. The flag yellow sticker did earn me a one-finger salute from an intoleant leftie as he sped by me two years ago.

  22. Signs are one thing but your vote is more vital to our Nation’s future. All you closet patriots need to vote wisely rather than waiting for President Trump to clear the fog of political correctness for you.

  23. Chriss says:

    BTW – Jon Keller is an arse… he was still on the man-van-cave comments just yesterday on WBZ radio. The man is fully biased dolt. He certainly thinks he is clever, but he is being lead around by his nose. It is pathetic.

  24. Icarus says:

    We are losing America. This violence, this vandalism goes on and the president says NOTHING. He doesn’t believe in the system, NEVER has. He tramples the Constitution daily, but uses it as a shield whenever he is in a bind. In Boston that should be seen as an insult, a travesty….what happened to you Boston? What the F hapoened?!?

  25. ImYup says:

    I put a pro-Trump sign on my car window. My wife and friend asked me if I was crazy. The local news reported on Trump signs being vandalized in someone’s yard. I took the bumper sticker off my car.

    1. I’m in California helping my sister. Moved to Idaho 10 years ago. I have 5 pro Trump bumper stickers on my 2015 Exporer window, and another with Marty and Doc. Brown (Back to the Future ) saying” Quick Marty there is no time to waste, you have to go back and give Hillarys dad a condom.” And Hillary for Prison. So far no middle fingers. Lots of enthusiastic Homs, waves, thumbs up. People pulling up beside me yelling they are voting Trump and thanking me for having the guts to announce it. I was here in June for my nieces graduation and liberals removed my bumper stickers while i was in Costco. I was livid. So this time, I bought multiple stickers to replace them. However, a friend here, had her car keyed and stickers removed. Out of fear for my new car. I removed them. However, I bought magnetic sheets and put my extra stickers on. Now I just take them off if Im parking anywhere other than my sisters. My grandfathers, father in law, brothers in law, many friends were in the military and fought in wars, to preserve my freedom of speech. Three of my friends lost their husbands to agent orange cancers recently. I’m Honoring all them by not given into the liberal lunatics. Oh yes, if anyone even gets in my face, I have mace on my keychain. I won’t back down. This deplorable loves America. Trump/pence 2016.

  26. JSpicoli says:

    Yea, I always see all those Trump people storming yards and cars tearing down signs. And the Amish are the biggest group of criminals.

  27. JSpicoli says:

    Revenge will come in the voting booth, and maybe the fascist left will realize they have sealed their own fates.

    Think Brexit results.and polling.

  28. American Man says:

    The fear is because… While the average white man has evolved to be more passive, non combative and afraid… Negroes are a primitive race of lower intelligence (on average) prone to criminal and destructive behavior.

  29. Bruce in AZ says:

    We know that Obama, Clinton and the democrats encourage violence and many of the democrats have no respect for other people’s property. Black lives Matter, Occupy, NC firebombing, Not to mention the use of paid agitators to disrupt political rallies.

  30. What’s the surprise? Political Correctness requires that you mobilize your faithful to oppress your opposition of “their own volition”. Brownshirts? Bolsheviks? Mussolini’s Blackshirts? They’re all the same. The power behind them sanctimoniously proclaims “It’s the will of the people”, while doing the organizing. Boston is “D” territory, like South Chicago belongs to the gangs. Why do you protest your own vandalizing Trump supporters?

  31. Troy Dynes says:

    Given the violence perpetrated by the fascist left, most Trump supporters will not place stickers on their cars nor signs in their residences.

  32. sam smead says:

    With the anger from the left over Trump there is only one sign in my neighborhood. I for one am 100% behind trump but also afraid to have my cars damaged by some left wing nut job. The same can be said for the polls. People are afraid to tell a pollster that they are voting for Trump and as such the polls are skewed for Hillary. Time will tell but I will say if she does win there will be a huge backlash in two years.

  33. Political Sausage says:

    ************* ************
    LieAry’s campaign is a joke,!
    Violents and hate they provoke.

    We cannot forget,
    20 Trillion in debt.

    As they leave us all
    jobless and broke.


    Donald can turn us around

    He’s known as financially sound….

    We see the Libs wrath
    They can’t do the math…..

    They’ve driven us deep in the ground……

    TRUMP. Nov 8th. Vote, vote, vote….
    Spread Trumps message to these two guilty parties …..
    Who “Good cop. Bad cop ” America into 20trill debt

    A vote for Trump sends a message to BOTH parties….
    TRUMP / Pence Nov.8th, 2016

  34. Chriss says:

    what is more telling is the LACK of hillary stickers and lawn signs… this is massachusetts, bastion of liberalism… she and pocahontas warren are sisters … where is the love?

  35. BobUSAFret says:

    Violence and destruction from democrats, because that is who they are.

  36. anmnh says:

    I’m wondering if one political party is more guilty of the suppression or not.

    No, not really. I don’t wonder,,,

  37. Joe Loftus says:

    This is the most convincing argument for Donald Trump’s landslide victory…
    I believe that there are millions of voters, that fear the castigation from dictative democrats, that will spare no criticism, or vitriol, on anyone brazen enough to support Trump

  38. DonBlaze says:

    I traveled on highways through Iowa saw not one Hillary sign.Why?

  39. k says:

    I have my Trump sticker on!!

  40. ZuluWatch says:

    Paid street urchins were paid $1,500 per head in cash to agitate, cause mayhem and violence.

    The George Soros Army was largely ineffective ieven though highly infested with lice and scabies.

  41. Nam Marine says:

    America has become a very violent Nation thanks to the Liberals lack of mental health !

  42. Mikey says:

    It’s why the polling is slanted too – I refuse to talk to pollsters on the phone because there is no way to tell who they are or to whom they might report my political position …. such as the IRS for the best example.

  43. Esoteric Jahanist says:

    The lack of Trump signs reflect that Trump supporters, quite rightly, fear having their property vandalized by leftist trash who believe in free speech only when they agree with what you have to say. The lack of Hillary signs reflects lack of enthusiasm for her, regardless of what the polls say. By the way, I do think she’s going to win. But her supporters, other than obese cat ladies and single, childless women in their 40’s, aren’t super excited about her.

  44. You have to see the video of the Trump supporter who was tired of his signs being stolen, he electrified his signs…PRICELESS !!!

  45. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Achtung! If you put up ze yahd signs aw ze boompa schtickas vich support ze Trump inshtead auf aur belofed fuhrer you vill be zhent auf to ze kampz oont schot! FORVARD!

  46. John Sorger says:

    If leftist criminals trespass on private property and vandalize private property, shoot them.

  47. Aleric says:

    Its called TRESSPASSING and Destruction of Property and I would press charges and use my CCDW to defend my home and belongings.

  48. iodiner says:

    I’ll translate the lefty-speak of CBS in this article:
    “Fewer displaying Trump signs for fear of violence and vandalism by Democrats”.

    Don’tcha love how lefty CBS needs to pretend that it’s from both sides?

  49. iodiner says:

    I tell no one that I’m voting for Trump. I pretend to be uninterested in politics.

  50. Andrew Reader says:

    Intimidation is one of the basic tools the “Liberals” use in order to grab political power. They were doing this in the Soviet Union, and – surprise, surprise – they are doing it here, in America.

    It may give you an idea what is going to happen to your freedom of speech and other God-given rights listed in the Bill of Rights after the “Liberals” solidify their grasp on power.

    All that is necessary for the triumph of the evil Left is that all good voters do nothing.

  51. Andrew Reader says:

    The “Liberal” strategy dose work for them well. Now, we don’t know how many Americans do actually support Trump because many refrain from displaying Trump signs.

    The next thing the media will do is to claim that very few people actually support Trump, so that we get discouraged and will not object the election fraud for Clinton’s benefit.

    If you remember Orwell’s “1984”, that was how the oppressive and totalitarian government controlled its people – by making them afraid to express their opsition.

  52. RLABruce says:

    Just as Hillary created fear and intimidation in Bill’s victims of sexual assault with the Bimbo Eruption Team, she leads the Dems in using the same technique to suppress voter turnout. ONLY Dems are doing this; you won’t find GOP supporters doing this! That alone should be the criteria by whom you choose to support: Fear and Intimidation by Dems and Hillary, or Republicans and Trump.

  53. Ben Dover, Jr. says:

    Liberals are basically COWARDS. I open carry everywhere I go, wearing my MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hat. Haven’t had the first off-handed comment yet, and have had more than one thumbs-up. COwards, but not stupid.

  54. Kim Jernigan says:

    This has been our experience in North Carolina also. Over the past few months we have seen the BLM people terrorize, loot and burn Charlotte and the GOP office in Orange County was fire bombed. No political signs or bumper stickers unless you can afford to lose your car or home.

  55. Cat says:

    I had my Trump sign stolen off my lawn. I went out and bought 2 and put them up. If they steal them, I will put 3 up. Liberals are intolerant and immature.

  56. JDX says:

    Liberals are extremely violent savages in general. Bombing headquarters, setting Trump signs on fire, beating people at his rallies. It’s past time we take out the trash and they are the lowest dregs of society.

  57. Lou Anthony says:

    The left knows that their rhetoric doesn’t work any more so they are using the tactic’s employed by Hitler’s Brown Shirts, Mussolini’s Black Shirts and Lenin’s thugs to intimidate the people.

  58. Democrats are mean, violent, intolerant little creatures who lash out like children.

  59. Copper says:

    This is why I know Trump is going to win. Conservatives don’t want their property and lives t

  60. Not so for someone up near Kingston, NY. He’s got two facing 4×8 sheets of plywood, spray painted in red & blue on white- ” TRUMP 2016 Make America Great Again”

    He just added another- “TRUMP- Finally someone with Balls” And in the corner- “Hillary for Prison”

    Wish I could add the photo.

  61. I just don’t want to have to shoot some poor fool for trespassing and stealing ….

  62. Copper says:

    This is why I know Trump is going to win big. Conservatives don’t want their property and lives threatened by the heathen liberals, yet I still see Trump signs. I have never seen a Clinton sign. Her rallies are small. Trump’s are huge.

  63. zippy says:

    It makes me furious when I see Sanders and Clinton signs… knowing that as a citizen I do not have the equal right to show a Trump sign without having my tires slashed or my house vandalized. Where is my right to express my ideas and opinions freely?

  64. Karl Spencer says:

    Every instance of violence have come from Clinton supporters and those on the left. It’s why I don’t put pro gun or NRA stickers on my vehicle. I don’t want damage done by leftists. Amazing that a group of people that scream tolerance are so intolerant.

  65. Jeff Smith says:

    Who is it that is guilty of this type of Nazi/Commie/KKK type of intimidation to America???

    Answer: The sewer rats of the democrat party, still the party of the KKK, intimidating anyone that dares to oppose their anti-American agenda.

  66. I am an older guy in my 70’s I cannot wear a Trump had or T-shirt because I would be beaten or have to shoot some people……I wish neither…so I will just quietly send him some money and vote for him

  67. Charlie Harper says:

    Democrat violence is rampant in the US.

  68. I have a Trump yard sign and bumper sticker and 2 Never Hillary bumper stickers. I also have a video camera protecting them. My Trump yard sign is tethered to my porch. Go Trump

    1. Awesome. Kudos to you You are like me. I had two signs stolen so I put 6 more out. We get a lot of traffic on our country road as a shortcut in am and pm of people going to and from work and it gets pretty dark out our way. I tied them with fishing wire and zip ties to posts. The others are booby trapped. They are all still there after 3 weeks. Although, my son and friends were sitting in their car few weeks ago at night, and car full of girls stopped alongside the road, several jumped the small irrigation ditch and tried to grab several signs. My Son and friends jumped out of the car, yelled you b*#&$#! WTH do you think your doing, As they were reaching for the signs. . My son gave chase across the yard with a baseball bat. Girls were screaming, falling, trying to get back to road to car. Lol. Wish we had a camera. I never thought it would happen in Idaho. One of top reasons, we left California for Idaho is it is a red state.

  69. My subdivision was a sea of Obama signs the past two elections. Now, on October 20, 2016, we have ONE Hillary sign out of a few hundred houses and HAD one Trump sign (which was quickly ripped off). I think it reveals a strong showing for Trump in this very blue area.

  70. In the name of tolerance they won’t tolerate you.When you are on the side of the angels and blessed with an over abundance of ability, they feel it’s their
    duty to ensure equality , not of opportunity, but results. If that takes whacking Usain Bolt in the knees before the big race, then so be it. You see them as wrong on the issues. They see you as wrong, racist, evil and bigoted. Their Great Society has hurt American Blacks especially, but now they are trying to pull down whites because their efforts to lift up blacks have failed. The curtain has been pulled back on the media and the great Powerful Oz is just a smug liberal explaining to you what you just watched during the debates, doing what he thinks his job is, social justice warrior. If Trump loses he will still be a winner. Unlike Bush, Bush, McCain or Romney he doesn’t’ give a sh!t about the media, the Democrats , or their insults and has proven you don’t have to take their sh!t. You throw it right back. Hillary’s frozen “there he goes again” smile was just her mask. Underneath it was a scared, enraged , over scripted elitist. who has never been put in her place like Trump was treating her without throwing a shoe or tantrum.

  71. itsy_bitsy says:

    I have news for you, it is not the Republican’s these people fear, it is the worst political machine this country has ever seen. The Democrat Party and their paid criminals!

  72. asdfsadfasdf says:

    Simple. Few actually support Hillary, as she is hated by the left almost as much as the right. Violence against conservatives has nearly been sanctioned by this Administration and the current violent-mob atmosphere created by “progressives” should give most people pause. Would it even be a crime to beat up a Trump supporter now-a-days? Progressives == Totalitarians. Vile people.

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