By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – As we head into Monday night’s first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, a new WBZ-TV, WBZ NewsRadio, UMass Amherst Poll of 700 likely Massachusetts voters has good news – and bad news – for Clinton.


Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump by 13 points in Massachusetts. (WBZ-TV)

The good news – in a state that hasn’t gone Republican in a presidential election in 32 years, she’s leading by double-digits among likely voters.

The bad news – her 13-point margin in our poll is surprisingly weak given the state’s deep-blue status and past voting history.

Barack Obama carried Massachusetts by a 23-point margin in 2012, and a 25-point spread in 2008. Clinton’s husband Bill won here in 1996 by 33-percent.

What’s weighing Clinton down?

It’s the same story as elsewhere across the country.

Her favorability ratings are way underwater, with 41-percent saying they’re very or somewhat favorable toward her, while 56-percent are very or somewhat unfavorable. It’s even worse for Trump, with a 31-66 percent split. But the most telling comparison is with President Obama, seen very or somewhat favorably by 51-percent of likely Massachusetts voters, unfavorably by 46-percent.



“It’s shocking, just shocking,” says WBZ-UMass Poll Associate Director Tatishe Nteta.

“The expectation was that she would destroy Trump in Massachusetts, but the fact that he is within shouting distance indicates that she has a real problem here.”

And no surprise, the key driver of her unfavorability is negative views of her honesty and trustworthiness. When respondents were asked what word they would use to describe Clinton, the big winners were “liar,” “untrustworthy,” “criminal” and “corrupt.” But at least a few positives show up prominently for her, including “experienced,” “strong” and “smart.”

For Trump, the results are dismal: “liar,” “dangerous,” “idiot” and “racist” top the list.



The numbers and history suggest Clinton will cruise to a decisive win here on Election Day, but if the margin is as relatively narrow as the WBZ-UMass Amherst poll suggests, she can, ironically enough, thank the men of Massachusetts. She enjoys a 20-point lead among women (51-31%), but it’s her narrow (39-35%) lead among men that makes the difference.

Jon Keller

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  1. mikey says:

    The polls show that both candidates suck. Here’s something to look for tonight >>> “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser” – Author unknown

  2. Debbie says:

    This debate is the most biased thing I have ever seen!!! Let’s ask Hillary the personal questions they are asking Hilkary!!

  3. Eva Q says:

    How can we trust Hillary to manage our country when she hasn’t been able to control her husband’s serial adultery? How can we trust Hillary to protect our top secrets, when she’s admitted to being “careless” and “making mistakes” when she was just a Secretary of State. How can we trust her stamina when we’ve all seen the video evidence of her having uncontrollable coughing fits, episodic fainting spells, suffered a head injury, has what appears to be mini seizures and spacing out while talking? She also disappears from public and media eye for weeks and months at a time when she’s ill. And let’s not forget she called black males “super predators” . And let’s not forget that she called half of Trumps’ supporters a “basket of deplorables.” Clinton also told Hispanic voters she was just like their “abuela.” Even though Hillary has never had to cross a border. Work as a maid, had to learn English or lived in an apartment with 12 other people. Clinton will have you believe she’s just like you as she’s wearing a 12,000 dollar pants suit and dawning a 200 dollar hair cut. Trump doesn’t pretend to be just like us. He’s proud of who he is, but still has an awareness of what others go through. This is the type of man we want as president. Vote Trump. Hillary has been in politics for over 30 years, and she’s still talking about the same things she’s been talking about for 30 years. All talk. No action. Vote Trump. He’s a real man in so many ways. Thta’s what we all love about Trump. He’s genuine. So was Bernie Sanders, but sadly, Sanders isn’t an option after Clinton’s DNC criminal cohorts made sure Sanders was knocked off the race. The best revenge Sander supporters can take is to vote for Trump.
    Psycholigists show Clinton is PHONY: Sanders is GENUINE. BUt CLinton’s people destroyed Sander’s chances via the corrupt DNC. Best revenge: NEVER HILLARY. VOTE TRUMP.

    1. retardlicons says:

      Trumpler can;t even control his own adultery. He is so stupid he bragged about it on Howard Stern.

      1. Hey….Keller… why don’t you rename Massachusetts the “blow hard state” and while your doing that put that flying Looney_Tune Elizabeth Warren in a mental institution, however don’t pay for it with Obama_Care. After that tells us who owns all those buildings in Boston, don’t you think the public has the right to know? Your Democratic politicians have sold the city to foreigners.

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