BOSTON (CBS) — It was a “Would You Rather” Wednesday on The Adam Jones Show’s Game of Jones, with Jones tackling some tough decisions on the Patriots, Red Sox and getting his behind kicked in an MMA fight.

Rich Keefe hit Jones with the following subjects — play along and listen to the full podcast below:

If you were the Patriots, would you rather have Julian Edelman or Jarvis Landry?

“Earlier I told you I’m not sure if [Julian Edelman] is a game-breaker or a matchup nightmare like [Rob Gronkowski]  — Gronk is the only guy on the Patriots who is that. I’m not sure Landry is in that category that either, but he is younger than Edelman and imagine him in this offense. If you didn’t take Jimmy Garoppolo at 62 [in the 2014 NFL Draft], you could have taken Landry, who went 63,” explained Jones. “I think Landry would be a monster in this offense; he’s quick, change of direction, good hands, good on special teams. I don’t know if he’ll go on to have the career Edelman has had, but he feels like a younger Edelman and if he was in this offense he would be an absolute monster. It’s close, give me Jarvis Landry.”

Who would you rather start Game 1 of ALDS for Red Sox: David Price or Rick Porcello?

“I think you paid David Price for a reason,” said Jones. “Porcello has been great, but there is something to not sending that message to David Price, that they’re afraid of you in the postseason. Even if Porcello wins the Cy Young, I wonder if that seeps into Price. Maybe it motivates him, or maybe he says, ‘Boy, my team doesn’t even have faith in me to start Game 1 of the postseason when they’re paying me $217 million.’

“I don’t want to get into those games with David Price,” said Jones. “You paid him for a reason, you refer to him as your ace for a reason and he’s pitching phenomenally over the last month-and-a-half, two months. I would start with David Price in Game 1.”

Would you rather watch the World Cup of Hockey or soccer’s World Cup?

“I’m looking forward to the World Cup or Hockey, but come one, the actual World Cup is the best. You get three games a day, they’re early — which for you and I is phenomenal — and the volume of teams; the World Cup of Hockey is going to be over in the blink of an eye,” said Jones. “It’s great that event is back, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the actual World Cup.”

Would you rather lose an MMA fight in two minutes but make $500,000, or win the MMA fight in two minutes but only make $30,000?

“Basically, do I want the glory of the victory for a tiny payday, or would I take an ass-whooping for half a million dollars and be shamed? I would take half a million dollars and be shamed,” said Jones. “I had to think about it a little bit… but I’m already ashamed of myself as is, so I can deal with the shame.”

Would you rather steal a smooch from Cartman’s mom, or Stan Marsh’s mom?

“I think I have a pattern when it comes to these, and I usually gravitate to the loose morals,” said Jones. “I think you have to put me down for Cartman’s mom.”

Keefe notes that Jones may be missing a detail or two about Cartman’s mom, but Jones stood strong with his decision.


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