There are a lot of big flavors in America’s smallest state. From cheap eats to upscale indulgence, these are 8 of the Greatest places to eat in Providence, Rhode Island.

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The Sandwich Hut

Kicking off the Great 8 is The Sandwich Hut. This Providence mainstay has been slicing and serving some of the region’s biggest and best sandwiches since 1963. Some favorites include the AllItalia, loaded up with top quality Italian meats and cheeses, and the MTP with fresh mozzarella, tomato and pesto. But the tried and true sandwich has to be the meatball sub, made from an old family recipe.

Bob & Timmy’s

Another Great 8 winner is Bob & Timmy’s. With locations in North Smithfield and Providence, this casual spot has been perfecting the art of grilled pizzas for more than two decades. The secret is all in the dough, which is soaked in olive oil and grilled over charcoal, before being smothered in sauce and piled high with cheese and toppings.


Umelt is a casual counter service spot serving everyone’s favorite comfort food: grilled cheese. You can sink your teeth into anything from the classic to creative sandwiches like The White Trash topped with slow-roasted pulled pork and mac and cheese, to something called The Chipster, layered with barbecue Cape Cod chips for added crunch. There’s even a dessert grilled cheese featuring Nutella and honey roasted bananas on raisin bread.

The Dorrance

The Dorrance is a stately restaurant with a charming dining room and a second floor lounge if you want to get a little more comfortable. The ever-changing menu is impressive, with upscale options like house made charcuterie and pan roasted duck breast. Or, you could just cuddle up with a crave-worthy, grass-fed burger at the bar.

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Los Andes

Los Andes is a high energy eatery named for the mountain range that runs through South America. The dish you’ve got to try here is the Paella. Loaded with seafood, chicken and chorizo, this saffron scented rice dish is cooked slowly and then stuffed into a two-pound lobster, which always makes for a great photo op.

The Duck and Bunny

Another Great 8 winner is The Duck and Bunny. This is not your average restaurant. In fact, The Duck and Bunny is what the locals call a “snuggery”: a cozy comfortable place, with plush white leather seats, and a fireplace where you can snuggle up with classic comfort foods in crepe form. For a true Rhode Island experience, get the NY System Crepe.

Caserta Pizza

Caserta Pizza is a Federal Hill mainstay that’s been serving up crispy, buttery slices since 1953. The menu hasn’t changed much over the years, and neither have the prices. So while you may feel some guilt for putting back some pizza, you won’t feel it in the wallet. A small, round, 6 slice pizza starts at under $7. A large, rectangular 12 slice pie is only $17.

Trattoria Zooma

Rounding out the Great 8 is Trattoria Zooma on Federal Hill. Nothing beats Italian in Providence, and when they’re cutting the pasta fresh right in the window, you know they’re serious about authenticity.

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