By Matt Dolloff, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Bill Belichick always has plenty to worry about, what with preparing his team for the opponent, coaching up situations, monitoring players’ conditioning, game-planning on both sides of the ball. But Belichick wouldn’t have ever gotten anything done around here if not for the storylines.

Do whatever you want on the field, take care of yourself in whatever way you like off the field, just make sure Bill promptly gets the storylines on his desk first thing in the morning.

During his postgame press conference Sunday night after scoring an upset win over the favored Arizona Cardinals, overcoming a tough road environment with his backup quarterback starting, Belichick seemed to downplay the performance of signal-caller Jimmy Garoppolo, who surprised a lot of people with an above-average outing despite losing a fumble that led directly to a Cardinals touchdown.

But it’s the big storyline Monday morning, Bill!

“Well I mean, I’m really really concerned about the storyline,” Belichick deadpanned back. “There’s really nothing higher on my list than the storyline tomorrow.” Watch his full reaction in the video above.

Definitively proving the massive impact the postgame storyline has on the preparation of his team and the outcome of the game, Belichick even had the storyline ready for the reporter who mentioned it, adding: “We beat a good team, on the road, we’ve got a lot of work to do – that’s all of us, coaching, playing, offense, defense, special teams – that’s what I saw in the game.”

He couldn’t resist one last jab: “But I can’t wait to read it tomorrow.”

And whatever Belichick reads will likely be plastered all over the walls of Gillette Stadium. Say what you will about Belichick’s preparation, roster-building, and coaching of his players. The storylines are what really keeps the Patriots engine rolling. How else can he pump the team up without stories??? No wonder they’re the best-coached team in the league.

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