QUINCY (CBS) – A potentially dangerous snake was captured after a Quincy resident spotted it outside a neighbor’s apartment.

Police were called to Grove Street just before 7 p.m. Thursday night after a resident noticed what was eventually determined to be a Timber Rattlesnake.

It just might be the highlight of Brendan Smith’s summer. He got an up close look at the endangered, potentially dangerous snake visiting the neighborhood.

“We took boxes and blocked it off so it couldn’t get out,” said Brendan, who said he wasn’t scared.

Environmental Police came and gently got the rattler into a bucket. Not a job for everyone. Brendan’s brother Conor says he heard the snake. “It was really cool, pretty cool,” Brendan said. “It was cool when it was over in that corner cause it was like moving and it was big like that and I heard it rattling.”

Conor and Brendan’s sister Rebecca even took the time to get her own video of the snake being captured. She says she was a bit frightened. “It kept trying to get out and the people kept putting boxes around him,” Rebecca said.

The question is, why did the snake decide to take a trip into that neighborhood? Turns out they don’t live too far away. After the snake was captured he was set free at the Blue Hills Reservation, which is its natural habitat.