JAMAICA PLAIN (CBS) — Maverick, the dog who chewed off his own foot to escape his tether, is resting comfortably after undergoing surgery, the MSPCA said.

“We’re happy to report that Maverick underwent surgery earlier today at Angell Animal Medical Center to repair his foot, and he is now resting comfortably,” MSPCA-Angell wrote in a Facebook post.

The two-year-old German Shepherd, was taken in on July 12 after he became trapped in his tether and chewed off his right rear foot. Maverick was emaciated when they took him in, and his legs were covered in scars from being trapped in the past.

“This is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen,” the MSPCA’s Alyssa Krieger told WBZ earlier this week. “Just clear-cut, horrible abuse.”

His former owner, Kevin Kennedy of Middleboro, was charged with felony animal cruelty for neglect and not pursuing care for the dog.

But in a unique procedure developed right here in Boston, the remaining part of the pad on Maverick’s right rear foot was re-positioned to bear weight, so the dog could walk again.

Maverick underwent the two-hour surgery on Tuesday. He’ll recover at the organization’s Jamaica Plain hospital for a few more days, as the staff changes his bandages to prevent infection. The MSPCA said he’ll wear a protective bootie for a few months, but that his foot should eventually be fully healed.

The organization said they received hundreds of calls and emails about Maverick, as well as $57,000 in donations–far more than the $5,000 required for his surgery and medical care.

In a release Wednesday, the MSPCA said the extra money will be placed into “Spike’s Fund,” which helps pay for the medical expenses of the animals in the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center.

“We must realize that Maverick is one story on one day and that the stream of animals coming in and needing care never ends,” the organization said in a statement. “His legacy will live on in through hundreds of animals whose medical needs will be addressed before they too go to new homes.”

MSPCA-Angell said they would post updates about Maverick on their page, and said anyone interested in adopting him could email adoption@mspca.org for more information–they’ll be taking applications until Saturday, July 30.

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