By Chantee Lans, WBZ-TV

CHELSEA (CBS) – The bail for a Rhode Island man was revoked in Chelsea District court Monday on charges he looked over a changing room partition in a Revere store to watch a teenage girl trying on bathing suits.

The Suffolk District Attorney’s Office says 39-year-old Sheldon Fulbeck, of Lincoln, spied on the 17-year-old girl June 12 at the Revere Target. Police say it happened about two hours before Fulbeck was scheduled to meet with his ex-wife in Kittery, Maine.

Fulbeck’s public defender Francisco Napolitano has argued that the allegations arise out of the contentious divorce. Napolitano also partially blamed Target for having coed dressing rooms.

“When you have a unisex fitting room, it’s entirely possible that you say well there’s a man over there, there’s a woman over there. I think that’s what’s going on here judge,” said Napolitano.

Some Target shoppers in Revere disagreed. “I would say it doesn’t matter. It’s what you have in your head,” said Nouriewdien Igshabab.

“I don’t think that the coed dressing room is the problem. I think the individuals are the problem,” said Alexis D’agostino, who frequently uses Target’s dressing room with her 16-year-old daughter.

“It’s very frightening to think that there are people out there who are going to do that and it’s kind of unfair to the person who’s not expecting it to have that happen to them especially if they’re very young, expressed D’agostino.

Fulbeck has been charged with accosting a person of the opposite sex and related crimes.

He was previously charged with recording women in the North Attleboro Target store’s changing room in March 2014. That case is pending.

Fulbeck is due back in court for his pretrial hearing for the Revere Target case on August 18th.


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