BOSTON (CBS) — Typically it’s David Mugar who surprises us each year with a spectacular fireworks show on the Esplanade. But this year it was his turn to be surprised.

Governor Charlie Baker praised Mugar at Sunday night’s show and made the special announcement.

“We are going to donate a portion of property here on the Esplanade where there will be a David Mugar statue for all eternity,” Baker said.

Mugar has been responsible for the fireworks production for the last 43 years. This year, he says, will be his last.

“I just want to say thank you for everything you have done to make this a monumental special night that it is for everybody here in the Commonwealth,” Baker said Sunday night.

“You people who attend every year are the real stars of the show. You’re the ones who have made it, and I thank you with all my heart,” Mugar said.