WORCESTER (CBS) – It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that Worcester isn’t at the top of many lists ranking desirable retirement destinations.

But a new report from Bankrate found that when it comes to retirement locales, older Americans would rather be almost anywhere else in the country besides Worcester.

Bankrate says Worcester is the fifth-worst place to retire. Joining Worcester at the bottom of the ranking include Troy, New York; San Bernardino, California; Milford, Connecticut; and Niagara Falls, New York.

Photos: The 5 Best And Worst U.S. Cities To Retire 

Worcester’s failure to attract retirees can be attributed to a cold and snowy climate, a high cost of living and below-average cultural vitality, Bankrate says. The one positive Worcester can claim is above-average walkability.

The best place in the country to retire is Arlington, Virginia, Bankrate says. The first Massachusetts city to be recognized as a good retirement spot is Cambridge, coming in at No. 36.


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