LAWRENCE (CBS) – A World War II veteran from Lawrence received a major surprise from the community as he struggles to make ends meet.

Herman Bazin, a decorated veteran, has seen his share of combat.

Now he’s in a battle to keep his Lawrence home.

Bazin’s mortgage payments had fallen behind and his home was in foreclosure.

But on Friday, he received major assistance from his brothers in arms in the form of a donation of $5,000 that virtually wiped out his debts.

The check presentation was made possible by Owl Diner Charities and Veterans Assisting Veterans.

“I’m overwhelmed. There’s no way I can thank you,” Bazin said after receiving the donation.

But the donors say they are the grateful ones.

“This guy, like I said, should be a national treasure. If we’re sending millions of dollars to foreign countries why can’t we take care of these guys?” one of the donors said. “They’re all in their nineties. I mean, if we don’t help them what kind of country are we?”


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