BOSTON (CBS) — The Boston Bruins set an ominous tone for the 2015-16 offseason with a head-scratcher of a signing: the team signed defenseman Kevan Miller to a four-year, $10 million deal.

The move has mostly been criticized, but one person who supports the deal is Fred Toucher. He argued Tuesday morning on Toucher & Rich that Miller may be the third-best defenseman on the Bruins and the signing is a low-risk move that won’t affect future decisions. $2.5 million a year is about the going rate for a bottom-pairing defenseman in the NHL.

CSNNE Bruins insider Joe Haggerty could not disagree more with Toucher’s assertions, arguing that the Bruins would have been better served to let Miller hit the free agent market and let someone else overpay for him, and move toward developing and playing younger defensive prospects like Brandon Carlo once they’re ready. Keeping Miller around for four years could inhibit that process.

“From a team-building perspective, you do not start with your complementary secondary players in the offseason,” said Haggerty. “When you’re trying to build things up and you’re trying to improve, you start with the big pieces and then fit in and back-fill the secondary complementary pieces after the fact. It’s basic team building 101. … To start signing all these contracts for players you already had that were on teams that didn’t make the playoffs, before you go out and improve your team, is a huge mistake.”

Things get a bit heated, to the point where Haggerty refers to Fred as “Frich.” Whose team are you on?

Listen to Toucher and Haggerty butt heads below.


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