BOSTON (CBS) — Much of the discussion surrounding the Celtics for the past several months has been about the possibility of Kevin Durant signing with Boston as a free agent. According to Bill Simmons, all that discussion has been one giant waste of time and breath.

“There’s no way Boston became that dumb overnight. Please tell me that’s not true,” Simmons told Toucher & Rich when asked about the general discussion about the idea of Durant donning Celtics green. The Book of Basketball author and host of the upcoming HBO show Any Given Wednesday doesn’t see why Durant would even leave the Oklahoma City Thunder after the current season, considering their strong recent playoff run and Durant’s chance to make a lot more money if he becomes a free agent after next season.

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“I think the Durant ship has sailed,” Simmons said, adding: “Boston, I love you, but…Durant’s not coming this summer. It’s not happening.”

As for the Celtics landing the No. 3 pick in the NBA Draft, Simmons preached patience, saying “I don’t think there’s any rush to be great [right now].” Which, again, ran counter to much of the narrative surrounding the team and all of their assets, which are leaving media and fans to wonder what the team is ultimately going to do with all of them.

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Simmons sees the Celtics possibly trading the third pick in the 2016 NBA Draft to the Philadelphia 76ers for big low-post scorer Jahlil Okafor, or possibly making a play for Utah Jazz guard Gordon Hayward, but stars like DeMarcus Cousins, Paul George, or Jimmy Butler are far less likely to happen.

But Durant? “Boston fans need to recalibrate their expectations for what’s going to happen this summer,” Simmons said in regard to the high hopes for the Celtics this offseason.

Simmons also talked about David Ortiz’s impending retirement and torrid start to the season and the controversy surrounding Curt Schilling and ESPN. Listen to the full three-part podcast below:

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