BOSTON (CBS) — When the Toucher & Rich Hot Take Police patrol the muddy waters of sports media, they don’t hit the streets looking to catch their own friends in the act of hotly taking.

Alas, Lady Justice is blind, and fellow 98.5 The Sports Hub host Tony Massarotti left the boys in blue with no choice but to bust out the cuffs and perform a Hub-on-Hub arrest.

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Around 4:45 p.m. on Tuesday, May 17, Mr. Massarotti said this on the radio and television airwaves:

I’m wondering whether or not last year [with the Golden State Warriors] was just some wild aberration, and whether we’re going to see something different here. And here’s why — OK, 73-9 during the regular season — fabulous. What if they don’t win the title? What does that mean?

I’m asking. When the Bulls did it (won 72 games), they won the title. What if these guys don’t win the title? What happens then? Do we look at them differently? Do we look at them as more of a regular-season team? What if Oklahoma City wins? Doesn’t that suggest there’s a problem with Golden State?

And so I looked at it. When you really get right down to it, who has Golden State beaten in the playoffs the last couple of years?

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Officer Shertenlieb had to step in.

“How about … everyone they’ve played?” he said. “Everyone they’ve played. Everyone they have played, they have beaten in the last couple of years.”

“Yeah,” officer Toucher echoed. “That pesky, crappy Western conference that everyone’s been talking about. They beat everyone in the Western Conference, and then they beat the best team in the Eastern Conference. … And then they went into this year, and they played every team in the league, and they only lost nine times.”

“And by the way,” added officer Sherenlieb, “this is a reaction off of one game. One game.”

“He’s take-blind. He’s gone take-insane,” officer Toucher said.

Listen to the arrest below:

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