By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) – “I was very encouraged by what I heard from Donald Trump today,” insisted House Speaker Paul Ryan after his 45-minute get-together with the presumptive GOP nominee.

But was that the truth? Or just convenient political spin?

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We screened Ryan’s post-meeting press conference for Boston-area non-verbal communication expert Don Khoury, who specializes in reading the body language of politicians. And he spotted a number of signs of Ryan’s discomfort, including rapid upper-body movements, shrugging, lip-licking, hard swallowing and a furrowed brow.

“He’s agitated,” said Khoury, “more agitated than I have ever seen him before. And if you baseline him, he’s normally very calm cool and collected. I’ve never seen him like this before.”

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“It’s very important that we don’t fake unifying, that we don’t pretend unification, that we fully and actually unify so we are at full strength in the fall,” said Ryan, a remark that drew a guffaw from Khoury.

“I think he realizes the only possibility is the fake unification, it’s never gonna be real,” he says.

Will additional face time with Trump make Ryan more comfortable with his candidacy?

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That’s hard to say. But given how he won this nomination in part by running hard against the party establishment, as long as Ryan continues to put a smiley-face on the situation, it’s doubtful Trump much cares.

Jon Keller