BOSTON (CBS) — Volunteers cheered and rang cowbells to spur on the 35,000 walkers who hit the streets of Boston Sunday morning to raise awareness about the issue of hunger.

Ellen Parker, the executive director of Project Bread’s Walk for Hunger, told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe that the group is hoping to raise $3 million–money that she says will be put to good use.

“We raise enough money to fund close to 400 food pantries and soup kitchens across Massachusetts,” said Parker. “It’s an act of the spirit, and it’s a really pragmatic act, too.”

Parker said the walk is all about raising awareness.

“To have 35,000 people in the city of Boston walking and bearing witness to the fact that other people are suffering is extraordinary,” said Parker. “And it’s a huge reminder that we’ve come far, but we need to come a little further.”

One walker, Cheryl, said it was her ninth time participating in the walk.

“It’s the atmosphere, the people, you’re getting in shape, it’s a lot of fun,” she said. “There’s things that we are blinded to that we don’t see every day, and there’s people in need, so it’s a great cause to give to.”

Another participant said that the people affected by hunger could be those you least expect.

“People are going without food–and people you don’t even realize that you might be standing with or working with, or kids that don’t have dinner the night before,” she said. “It’s a really good cause.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports


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