BOSTON (CBS) — The NFL Draft less than a month away, but Bob Socci has everything you need to get ready for when the Patriots finally get on the clock.

Socci’s NFL Draft Preview Show returned to the 98.5 The Sports Hub airwaves this weekend, bringing you an in-depth look at the upcoming draft. The Patriots will have to get creative this year after losing their first-round pick in the fallout of the DeflateGate scandal, but own 11 total selections in the upcoming draft.

The Boston Globe’s Jim McBride joined Socci on Sunday’s show to discuss the needs and wants for the Patriots this year, and McBride believes New England will focus on the offensive side of the ball come April 28.

“I think they buck the trend of the last few years and go offense. Their three biggest needs are running back, offensive tackle and wide receiver, so it will be a different flavor for the Patriots in the draft this year,” said McBride.

The Patriots won’t select until the 60th overall pick unless they work out a trade, which is very likely given they also own the 61st overall pick. They have four selections in the first three rounds (No. 60, No. 61, No. 91 and No. 96), but then won’t pick again until the sixth round at No. 196. That makes it very that likely Bill Belichick will either package a few of his picks to get higher into the second round, or nab a few selections in the fourth or fifth round.

“Maybe if one of the outstanding offensive tackles are available earlier than they may have projected, I could see them [trading up],” said McBride. “A guy like offensive tackle Jack Conklin out of Michigan State, who doesn’t project to be Top 15, but if he falls to late first round or early second, I could see them packaging a deal for that. Or maybe one of the deep threat wide receivers that is out there. As far as running back, probably not, even though I think that as a need for them. But that 100 pick gap, the Patriots will try to close that on the first or second night of the draft.”

McBride also touched on a few local kids from Harvard and Boston College who hope to get picked at the end of the month. Listen to the full interview here:

We all know that Belichick has an infatuation with Rutgers football players, but where does that come from? Dan Duggan, a Quincy native now working for the Newark Star Ledger and, joined Socci on Sunday to get to the bottom of that connection:

Socci also welcomed T.J. Moe to the show to discuss the interview process throughout the NFL Draft Combine and leading up to the draft. Moe signed with the Patriots after going undrafted out of Missouri in 2013, but was later released after suffering an Achilles injury.

Moe discussed New England’s process of signing him after the draft, including their extensive medical exam for each player at the Combine.

“They are the most thorough and private team that I dealt with. It was really very interesting,” said Moe, who saw their approach up front at the Combine. “They were the only team that had to put their hands on every single player [at the combine]. I was fascinated how everything worked.

“I could tell you why the Patriots are better than every other team and why the Rams suck,” he said. “You can look just based on how their doctors act and how the team goes about things… There is a reason they’re in the AFC Championship every year.”

Listen to Socci’s full chat with Moe here:

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