BOSTON (CBS) — Tom Brady needs someone to play catch with him.

So what better way to call for his receivers than an Anchorman reference?

Brady, the king of social media lately, posted a video to his Facebook page on Thursday asking for his receiving corps to assemble and join him for and off-season game of catch. Apparently, his targets on the field answer to the sound of a conch shell, much like Ron Burgundy’s Channel 4 news team in the 2004 comedic classic.

Think Brady is already geeked up for next season? At least he’s not jumping off cliffs this off-season, but let’s hope he reads up on the dangers of beach football before his receivers arrive.

Unless they’ve been standing there the whole time…

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UPDATE: Julian Edelman responded to Brady’s video with one of his own, featuring himself and Danny Amendola eating donuts while wearing Boston Police uniforms.

These guys have way too much time on their hands.

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