BOSTON (CBS) — The Federal Aviation Administration says a plane had a laser pointed at it while landing at Boston Logan International Airport late Thursday night.

In a statement, the FAA initially said that the Endeavor 4033, a Canadair regional jet, was illuminated by a laser three miles southwest of the airport on approach to Runway 22 shortly before 5 a.m., which would have been the second reported incident within a period of several hours.

However, the FAA have since clarified, saying there was only one incident, which took place late Thursday night at Logan Airport.

Officials say the light came from Lynn, but police were unable to find suspects in the Ocean Avenue area of the city.

Rick Kenin, general manager of aviation operations for Boston MedFlight, says he had a laser pointed at him in 2006 while serving as a U.S. Coast Guard rescue pilot.

“The light scatters as it hits the wing screen of the aircraft, and so the entire cockpit appears to be filled with this light,” he told WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton.

The FAA reports that Boston has had about 16 laser strikes per year since 2010. Boston MedFlight has had two laser strikes so far this year.

Pilots can be temporarily blinded by lasers.

In a statement released Friday afternoon, Delta Air Lines says it’s aware of the report and will work with authorities during their investigation.

The FAA, which is investigating the incident, contacted State Police. As of Friday afternoon, no arrests had been made.

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