BOSTON (CBS) — A civil war might be brewing inside the 98.5 The Sports Hub building, and the two camps are firmly entrenched.

On one side, there is Scott Zolak, The Outfield, and “Your Love.” On the other side, it’s Big Jim Murray and those who can’t stand what “Josie” has become.

As you might imagine, things have gotten a bit ugly.

Tensions bubbled to the surface Monday morning, when Toucher & Rich held a T&R Draft, asking what in the sports world has hung on too long.

Murray sent a shot directly across Zolak’s bow with this tweet:

With the use of just one word, war had been waged.

(For anyone who might now know, Zolak has made the 1985 song “Your Love” by The Outfield a cult favorite among Patriots fans in recent years.)

Sensing a disturbance, Toucher & Rich welcomed both Murray and Zolak onto the show to has out their issues.

Murray said he’s fine with the song being blared at Gillette Stadium, where Zo can soak in the cheers from the booth, but it just makes no sense for the song to be played at Celtics games.

Zo came out swinging.

“Maybe I’m done with your stupid flat hats and your stupid fake tattoos on your arms, or your hippie watch, and your computer that you wear with your stickers all over it because you go to these coffeehouses for free Wi-Fi,” Zolak said to Murray. “Don’t be hating.”

Listen to the fight below:

After Zo and Murray simmered down, the guys opened up the discussion to fans at large. Listen to what they’re sick of in sports in the clip below:


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