BOSTON (CBS) — While the Gronkowski family was busy bringing their never-ending party to the high seas, the youngest Gronk brother was in Indianapolis trying to show NFL teams he’s worthy of a roster spot.

Glenn Gronkowski is trying to become the fourth Gronkowski brother to land an NFL gig, with the Kansas State fullback joining hundreds of other prospects at this week’s NFL Combine. Sure, Baby Gronk was disappointed he couldn’t join the rest of his family on their party cruise, but he’s determine to make an NFL team with his collegiate days behind him.

That might be an uphill battle according to The NFL Network’s Albert Breer, who joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Friday to discuss Glenn’s draft chances.

“He’s a fullback, a little closer to the other three brothers as far as the type of prospect is he as a professional athlete. He’s probably in the category where he’s 50-50 to get drafted, but he brings versatility to the table,” said Breer. “He played a little tight end in the Senior Bowl, so that’s one of those things where if you’re a team like New England that probably enhances him to a degree.

But Glenn is nowhere near where his brother Rob was when he was coming out of Arizona, and Breer doesn’t think the Gronk name alone will get him drafted.

Glenn rushed for 51 yards and a touchdown in his three years at K-State, doing most of his damage in the passing game with 15 receptions for 369 yards and five touchdowns. In addition to playing some tight end in the Senior Bowl, he’s putting in work at the position at the combine as well to enhance his draft odds.

Breer also talks about the focus on the size of quarterback’s hands at the Combine, and dodges questions about his Thursday evening in Indianapolis. Listen to the full segment below, which includes some fun ribbing from Fred Toucher:


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