BOSTON (CBS) – Economy seats have become smaller as airlines try to squeeze more passengers on flights.

The airplane maker Airbus has filed a patent for a bench seat that can adapt to fit either two large passengers, three average-sized adults or two adults and two small children.

But designers in London have a much different idea. They’ve made a new seat with comfort in mind.


No matter how much patience you pack, a long-haul flight in economy can leave you defeated.

Now, a team of London designers hopes to ease that pain with their new twist on economy seating.

Adam White, director of Factory Design, came up with the idea while on a long-haul flight to Japan.

“Four or five hours into the flight, I’m kind of doing this,” Adam says. “I’m twisting.”

The chair is similar to an exoskeleton. There is a spinal cord and then a rib cage that shifts with your every movement.

The skeleton design will be padded and covered.

White says the end result is a chair that adjusts to your body and is more comfortable to sit and even sleep in for extended stretches of time.

White began with his company designing the last seats for British Airways’ luxury Concord.

According to Sky News, several airlines have shown interest in the Twister, which takes up no more space than a typical economy seat.


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