ROXBURY (CBS) – Lanaii Tolentino called it a motherly instinct.

“You imagine that being your own child and you do whatever you have to do,” she said.

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She performed CPR on a 5-month-old girl who was hit by a car with her mother on Humboldt Avenue Thursday night. Tolentino lives nearby, she says he heard the car screech to a halt and ran outside with her twin sister Laticia.

A mother and child were hit by a car in Roxbury (WBZ-TV)

A mother and child were hit by a car in Roxbury (WBZ-TV)

“I saw a man carrying a baby back and forth and he looked like he didn’t know what to do,” Laticia Tolentino said.

Laticia handed the baby to her sister, knowing she could perform CPR the baby needed to stay alive.

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“We’re not heroes we’re just people that care, people that pride ourselves on being women of God, and we do what we think anyone should and would do,” Laticia said.

The accident happened at 8:40 PM, both the mother and her baby suffered serious head trauma and were rushed to Boston Medical Center where they’re still in serious condition. Police say the driver did cooperate, right now he isn’t facing any charges.

Laticia and Lanaii are hoping they were instrumental in saving this babies life, the victims are far from being out of the woods. Laticia says this could serve as a lesson for all of us.

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“Maybe that’s something we should focus on more is learning how to save those around us. When we don’t know it’s panic, its chaos, but when you do you’re able to kind of take charge,” Laticia said.