BOSTON (CBS) – New Hampshire has spoken. Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina are out. And while it may seem as if this presidential race has been going on forever, the truth is it’s just getting started.

As Donald Trump held a rally in Clemson, South Carolina Wednesday night, it was clear he wouldn’t be enjoying the same near-immunity from frontal attack of the New Hampshire campaign. Ted Cruz is running second to Trump in South Carolina, a state where he should be competitive, and he greeted Trump with a new web ad that used child actors to mock the real-estate developers affinity for eminent domain, an unpopular government function among conservatives.

“Look!” a little boy tells his friends. “I got the new Trump action figure!”

“What does he do?” his friends say.

“He pretends to be a Republican!” And kids all laugh.

A sign of a sharp-elbow race ahead? You’d better believe it.

“The only way to beat Donald Trump is to highlight the simple truth of his record. It is not conservative,” said Cruz, and Jeb Bush is on Trump’s case as well. “Unless I’m caught with a camera that I didn’t see, I’m not going to use profanity in the public,” he promised a South Carolina audience.

Meanwhile, look for sharper exchanges between Democrats Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in their next debate Thursday night. We’ll have highlights and analysis of that one at 11pm, as well as the CBS Republican debate from South Carolina Saturday night at 9pm.

Jon Keller


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