WOONSOCKET, Rhode Island (CBS) — From the outside, Ciro’s Tavern in Woonsocket Rhode Island looks a lot like an old English castle.

And on the inside, the dark woods, stained glass, and knight in shining armor might make you feel like a member of King Arthur’s Court.

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The interior of Ciro's Tavern has a medieval feel. (WBZ-TV)

The interior of Ciro’s Tavern has a medieval feel. (WBZ-TV)

But when it comes to the food, this stuff certainly isn’t from the Dark Ages.

“It’s like American pub food,” says owner Gina Savini. “But it is also elevated so you can come here and get nachos and wings and burgers, or you can get dressed up and go on a fancy date and have sirloin or filet or seafood so it depends upon what you’re looking for. And it’s nice if you’re looking for both. If you have a craving for pizza and someone has a craving for something fancier we can satisfy a little bit of everything.”

A burger from Ciro's Tavern. (WBZ-TV)

A burger from Ciro’s Tavern. (WBZ-TV)

Along with her sister Jill and Jill’s husband Matt, Savini opened Ciro’s a few years ago with the goal of creating the kind of place where customers are treated like family.

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“You’re never alone when you’re at Ciros,” says Savini. “It sounds so cliche but it’s true. You always know the bartender or server. I’m always here or my sister or my brother in law Matt, so you can come by yourself and you always have someone to talk to.”

A steak from Ciro's Tavern. (WBZ-TV)

A steak from Ciro’s Tavern. (WBZ-TV)

While you’re feeling the love from the staff, you’ll have no trouble finding the foods you love on the menu. And not only is this stuff craveable, it’s also bountiful.

“We are known for our large portions,” said Savini. “People do take a lot of leftovers home but people also know to come with a big appetite, so depending on where you at during the day you’re either eating a lot of food and being really full or you have plenty to take home for the next day.”

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