BOSTON (CBS) — With a rare full show on Monday, The Adam Jones crew had time for another edition of “The Game Of Jones.”

Jones and Rich Keefe played a little Buy or Sell on Monday, with Keefe hitting Jones with the following topics:

Buy or Sell: The NHL’s new 3-on-3 format for All-Star Game

“A 100 percent buy,” said Jones. “I thought it was great. I thought the game was well-played. The guys were out there and flying around the ice. Normally, any All-Star game is played at half speed. The goalies are usually there for the ride, but they showed up and made plays. There still isn’t hitting, but it mimicked what you’d see in an overtime. The product was great.”

Buy or Sell: Calvin Johnson as a Pro Football Hall of Famer

“I’m going to sell it. I need to know who is getting in out of the logjam of receivers,” said Jones. “Terrell Owens isn’t in. Marvin Harrison isn’t in. There is such a logjam of guys, who in my head maybe weren’t as physically gifted as Calvin Johnson, but they were better than Calvin Johnson. If all those guys get in maybe I’ll change my stance, but for now, I don’t see how Calvin Johnson gets in and they don’t. I’m a sell right now.”

Buy or Sell: Celtics being interested in Atlanta’s Jeff Teague

“Al Horford makes more sense to me. If they didn’t have Isaiah Thomas I would love Jeff Teague,” said Jones. “He is a point guard, and while I want the Celtics to accumulate talent and I think they need all the scoring they can get, I wouldn’t waste my assets on a position they already have filled. I like Jeff Teague but I don’t think he’s a great fit for what the Celtics have right now, so I’d sell that.”

Buy or Sell: Sunday being Peyton Manning’s final game

“I sell that. If he wins, he’ll ride off into the sunset with his championship. If he loses, there are so many teams that need a quarterback so he’ll be talked back into it, I think,” said Jones. “Unless he’s petrified about getting suspended or a league investigation, which is possible. I don’t think he wins which means I don’t think he’s retiring. So I’ll sell that.”

Buy or Sell: Coldplay will be booed at halftime of Super Bowl 50

“I guess I’ll buy that,” said Jones. “There will be some boos, and I think it will be audible booing and [the crowd] getting on Coldplay. I know it will be a soft, wine and cheese crowd, but I think they’ll hear it a little bit.”


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