By Matthew Geagan, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Follow along for all the updates from Sunday’s Patriots-Broncos AFC Championship Game!

Final — Broncos 20, Patriots 18

The outcome sucks, but that’s one for the all-time list.

The Patriots offense was a major issue today, struggling to get much going throughout the game. So now Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos are on to Super Bowl 50, and the defending champs are heading home.

The Patriots were just 2-for-15 on third downs today. Brady was sacked four times and felt pressure on nearly every drop back, ending the day 27-for-56 for 310 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions. Rob Gronkowski finished the game with eight catches for 144 yards and that late touchdown, but struggled to get open throughout the afternoon (as did most of Brady’s targets).

And then there was Stephen Gostkowski’s missed extra point, which broke up a string of 523 straight for New England’s kicker. It was his first missed extra point in over 10 years, but it was a very costly one, as the Pats’ two-point bid at the end of the game fell into the hands of the Broncos.

If you want to go further back, why did the Patriots elect to receive after winning the toss? It’s in the Belichick handbook to always defer to the second half, yet they changed it up with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. We’ll see if we get any answers in the next few hours.

There is a lot to digest in this one (and then likely spit back up), so stick with throughout the night. You can also hear all the reaction and analysis on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Patriots Postgame and on WBZ-TV/myTV38 on Patriots 5th Quarter.

4th Quarter, 00:12: The Broncos come up with Gostkowski’s onside bid, and that’ll do it.

4th Quarter, 00:12: That should just about do it, as Brady’s pass to Edelman on the two-point conversion was tipped and picked by the Broncos.

Gostkowski could really make up for his missed extra point on this upcoming onside kick.

4th Quarter, 00:12: Somehow, some way the Patriots are within two points.

Brady found Gronk in the back of the end zone, setting up a very important 2-point conversion. That Gostkowski missed extra point is…. never mind. You already know.

4th Quarter, 00:17: No surprise, ad Brady felt a ton of pressure on 3rd-and-Goal and had to throw it away.

It all comes down to 4th-and-Goal at the Denver 4, as the Pats have called their final time out.

4th Quarter, 00:38: Brady hit Edelman with a short screen on second down, setting up 3rd-and-Goal.

4th Quarter, 1:34: Can’t convert on third down? Why not get it all on fourth?

Brady hit Gronk deep down the middle for 40 yards, setting them up at the Denver 10. This is just incredible. Just incredible.

4th Quarter, 1:34: More pressure, as Ware got to Brady again, forcing him to throw incomplete over the middle.

It comes down to another 4th down conversion…

4th Quarter, 1:39: DeMarcus Ware got to Brady and was bringing him down on second down, but the QB was able to throw it away before he was down.

4th Quarter, 1:46: Brady went deep to White on first down, but Brandon Marshall was able to knock the pass away.

4th Quarter, 1:52: Manning went looking for Sanders streaking down the field, and Butler nearly came up with the pick. Instead the Broncos had to punt it away now and the Pats will take over at the 50-yard line.

This is the third time the defense has give the offense the ball back in the last five minutes. It’s time for them to actually do something with it.

4th Quarter, 2:09: The Patriots have used two of their timeouts, setting up a 3rd-and-10 for Denver.

4th Quarter, 2:18: The Broncos brought the pressure, and Brady’s pass in the back of the end zone sailed over the reach of Gronkowski, as Talib jumped over and tipped it away.

Gronk was begging for a flag, but no such luck. It looked pretty clean by Talib, other than maybe a grab of Gronk’s jersey.

4th Quarter, 2:25: Call confirmed. The Patriots now face a 4th-and-6 with the game on the line.

4th Quarter, 2:25: Here comes fourth down. Brady went to Amendola over the middle, but he couldn’t hang on as he was brought to the ground.

Which is a good thing, because the Broncos were all over the loose ball.

Denver is now challenging the ruling on the field. It’ll be interesting if it ends up being a catch and down by contact, making it a first down for the Patriots. Can’t wait to hear Ed’s explanation on this one.

4th Quarter, 2:30: The Patriots were stuffed on a Brady keeper on 3rd-and-1, but were flagged for a false start. So it’s now 3rd-and-6. Surprised Denver accepted that, but we’ll see how it goes.

4th Quarter, 2:30: More pressure from Denver forced a quick throw from Brady, which went incomplete to White. The Pats will have a 3rd-and-1 coming up.

4th Quarter, 2:33: A hold on the Broncos gave the Patriots a 1st-and-10 at the Denver 18. Brady hit White for nine yards.

4th Quarter, 3:25: Brady goes over the middle again, this time getting 28 yards on a connection to Gronk. The Pats are now down to the Denver 28-yard line.

Where has this been the last 56 minutes?

4th Quarter, 3:58: Brady hits James White over the middle for a 15-yard gain to the New England 44. White fumbled after being brought down, but was able to pick it up.

4th Quarter, 4:32: More pressure by the Broncos pass rush forced Brady to throw it away on first down.

4th Quarter, 4:35: The Patriots needed a defensive stop, and they got it. The Broncos go 3-and-out (with a holding penalty mixed in), and the Patriots will now get another crack at tying this one up.

They’ll start at their own 29.

4th Quarter, 6:03: Brady went to Edelman with a short pass, but the receiver was hit at the line and pushed back for a loss of a yard. The Broncos knew what was coming, as Harris and Talib were all over Edelman after he came down with the grab, and Denver will take over at their own 17-yard line.

It’s been that kind of a day for the Patriots’ offense. Frustrating isn’t a strong enough word to describe this one.

4th Quarter, 6:27: Brady couldn’t find a streaking White, who went down the sidelines and couldn’t catch up to Brady’s pass in the end zone.

That brought up a 3rd-and-11 bid for Danny Amendola, who got 10 yards but was brought down just before the first down marker.

The Pats are going for it on fourth down.

4th Quarter, 7:29: Brady found Edelman over the middle for a 19-yard gain, as the Patriots convert just their second third down of the day.

Amendola is still out, dealing with a knee injury.

4th Quarter, 8:15: Brady did some dancing, not used to having so much time in the pocket today, but couldn’t hook up with Gronk on a first down bid, with a little too much on his pass.

New England receivers continue to struggle to get open.

Broncos safety T.J. Ward was hurt on the play. Denver is now without their two starting safeties.

4th Quarter, 9:56: The Patriots get a big bonus on a Brady connection with Edelman, as Shiloh Keo was flagged for a hit to the helmet on the play. The 15-yard penalty now has the Patriots set up at their own 43-yard line.

4th Quarter, 9:56: A comeback pass to Danny Amendola was nearly picked off when it deflected into the air, but no one could come down with it. But the Patriots didn’t completely dodge a bullet on the play, as Amendola was shaken up.

4th Quarter, 10:06 — Broncos 20, Patriots 12

The Pats needed a little luck, and they may have just gotten it.

Manning had Jordan Norwood open over the middle on 3rd and goal, but threw it a little too flat for his outstretched receiver. Instead, the Broncos settle for a field goal to take an eight point lead.

Manning had the knockout blow in front of him, but couldn’t connect. Time for the Patriots’ offense to answer.

4th Quarter, 11:07: Yet another 3rd down conversion by the Broncos, as Manning hits Sanders for four yards on a 3rd-and-2. That sets Denver up at the New ENgland 10 with a fresh set of downs. They’re 6-for-14 on third down today.

4th Quarter, 13:15: The Patriots defense was just gashed for a 30-yard run by Anderson, on a 3rd-and-1.

4th Quarter, 13:55: Gronk is on the sidelines having his legs worked on and sucking in some oxygen.

End 3rd Quarter — Broncos 17, Patriots 12

There is no stopping Von Miller right now. He just got to Brady, again, for a four-yard loss on third down. Marcus Cannon didn’t stand a chance against Miller, and the Patriots have to punt the ball away again. Miller has 2.5 sacks in this one, with 15 minutes left to play.

The Broncos will have the ball at their own 39 when the fourth quarter gets underway.

3rd Quarter, 1:45: No 3-and-Out this time. After finding Amendola for nine yards over the middle of the field on first down, Brady keeps it and gets a yard to move the chains.

Derek Wolfe was injured on the play. He’s been a pest all afternoon, applying some heavy pressure on Brady.

3rd Quarter, 2:35: Yes, it’s officially a battle of field position.

After the New England D held strong on third down, Colquit sent a 53-yard punt through the air that was downed at the New England 4. Amendola let the ball go by him, which was probably the right move on a wobbly kick, but the Broncos made a nice special teams play to set the Patriots up deep in their own territory, again.

3rd Quarter, 4:07: It’s not a turnover, but Jamie Collins recorded his second sack of the game as he hit Manning for a 12-yard loss on second down.

Seems like this one is turning into a battle of field position.

3rd Quarter, 4:28: Brady dumped it off to James White on 3rd-and-13, and Miller took him down before he could do much. Miller is everywhere on the field, as the Patriots go 3-and-out for the fourth time today.

A false start had Ryan Allen backed up into New England’s end zone, and his 52-yard punt has Denver at their own 44-yard line.

Pats need a turnover (how about a pick-six?) right about now.

3rd Quarter, 5:51: Brandon Bolden picked up three yards on a 2nd down carry. Broncos safety Darien Stewart is down on the field after it appeared his ankle was rolled up on during Bolden’s run.

But the Pats will face a 3rd-and-13 when play resumes.

3rd Quarter, 6:35: That’s not a good start for the offense. Even with an extra lineman, Von Miller rushed by everyone and took Brady down for a 6-yard loss.

3rd Quarter, 6:50: Facing a 3rd-and-1, the Broncos went with a pitch play to Anderson. He probably thought he had the first down, but was met by Malcolm Butler and Dont’a Hightower at the line, and they had other plans, tossing him to the ground before he could move the chains.

The Broncos aren’t taking any chances, punting it away at the New England 47. The Patriots’ offense has a lot of field to work with though, as Amendola called for a fair catch at the New England 8-yard line.

3rd Quarter, 8:57: Peyton Manning just ran for a 12-yard gain on a 3rd-and-10. As good as the Patriots’ D has played today, they can’t let a 39-year-old Peyton Manning run for a first down like that. That just can’t happen in a game you’re trailing.

3rd Quarter, 10:26 — Broncos 17, Patriots 12:

The Patriots settle for another Gostkowski field goal, with Rob Gronkowski on the sideline for that third down incomplete to Amendola. He’s reportedly dealing with some hydration issues at the moment, according to the CBS broadcast, but could be seeing saying “I’m good.”

Let’s hope so.

3rd Quarter, 10:31: The Patriots are now 1-for-8 on third own, as Broncos fans shout that stupid “IN-COM-PLETE” as Brady’s bid is no good for Amendola (who is back on the field, to state the obvious).

3rd Quarter, 12:25: Brady found Rob Gronkowski for a huge 32-yard connection, but Gronk appears to be hurt on the play. Maybe he just had the wind knocked out of him, so let’s hope for the best.

3rd Quarter, 13:15: Danny Amendola was apparently hurt on that last punt (the TV team said Edelman), so that’s something to monitor over the next few minutes.

3rd Quarter, 13:15: The Patriots’ continues their strong effort, as Collins and Malcolm Brown sacked Manning for a 13-yard loss on second down.

Anderson got eight yards on third down, setting up a Broncos punt. Amendola was hit at the New England 33, but this is exactly what the Patriots needed coming out of the locker room. It’s probably because Belichick went from a windbreaker to a grey hoodie to start the half.

The defense has set the tone, now it’s time for the offense to do their part.

Halftime: Broncos 17, Patriots 9

The Patriots have been outplayed since kickoff, but should feel lucky they’re only trail by eight points.

Tom Brady hasn’t been very good, throwing a pair of first half interceptions, but he’s not getting much help from his receivers or offensive line. Brady’s targets haven’t been able to get separation down field, and the line hasn’t given him much protection. Brady is just 9-for-20 for 87 yards.

The New England D is playing well, setting up the offense’s only score on a fumble recovery, but let Owen Daniels slip through the cracks twice. The tight end has both of Denver’s touchdowns, as Manning is 10-for-20 for 128 yards and the two scores.

Third down has been big this game, with the Broncos converting three of the seven they’ve faced. The Patriots are just 1-for-7.

But they play 60 minutes for a reason, and the Patriots are far from out of this one. They’ll have to do a lot of things better (it’d be nice if the offense woke up) but they’re not out of it yet.

The Patriots won the toss and elected to kick, so the Broncos will have the ball to start the second half.

2nd Quarter, 00:33 — Broncos 17, Patriots 9

McMananus’ kick is good, and the Broncos take an eight point lead just ahead of halftime.

Butler and McManus had a few words after the ball went through the uprights. It’s been a frustrating day for the Patriots’ defense, which has kept their team in the game so far.

2nd Quarter, 0:38: The Patriots’ D gave up some yards, but Logan Ryan made a nice play to knock a potential first down catch away from Thomas. That sets up a 52-yard attempt by McManus.

2nd Quarter, 1:52: The Patriots were facing a 3rd-and-13 at their own nine, and all but gave up on the drive by calling a draw play for James White.

Ryan Allen punt upcoming, as the Broncos will have a shot to add to their lead. Denver has one timeout left after burning their second to stop the clock after white’s run.

2nd Quarter, 2:27: It looked like Manning picked up most of those 22 yards with a connection to Thomas over the middle, but Butler made a nice play to punch it out of Thomas’ grasps.

Anderson only managed to get five yards on third down, and the Pats will have the ball at their own 12 after a Danny Amendola fair catch. That Brady interception didn’t cost the Patriots any points, aside from the ones they may have been able to put on the scoreboard themselves.

2nd Quarter, 3:23: Peyton Manning was just crushed by Alan Branch, who picked up New England’s first sack of the afternoon.

The Broncos used their first timeout, and face a 2nd-and-22 when play resumes.

2nd Quarter, 4:08: Brady, under pressure, just threw to the wrong team again.

Facing a 3rd-and-5, Brady underthrew Julian Edelman after getting some heavy pressure by Malik Jackson. Darian Stewart came up with the pick, and the Broncos will take over at their own 44.

Brady was favoring his left elbow after the play, which was shown to be a bit bloody earlier on the sidelines.

2nd Quarter, 5:21: Here’s a new one. Denver was flagged on their punt because a player went out of bounds, and stayed out of bounds.

Whatever it is, the Patriots got 15 yards out of it and will get the ball at their own 41. This is a big possession coming up for the New England offense.

And the tablets are back up and running for the Patriots. Phew.

2nd Quarter, 5:24: After the offense cut into Denver’s lead, the Patriots’ defense forces a 3-and-out.

C.J. Anderson only mustered five yards on a pair of runs, and Manning threw it away on third down while under some heavy pressure.

2nd Quarter, 7:07 — Broncos 14, Patriots 9

The Patriots had to settle for a field goal, a 46-yarder by Gostkowski, after Brady was sacked by Ware and Miller on a 3rd-and-6.

The New England offense, while making the occasional play, just doesn’t look right so far in this one. Receivers aren’t running those crisp routes we’ve become used to, and the Denver pass rush is giving the offensive line all they can handle. Mix in a bad Brady turnover, and you can understand why the Broncos have a lead in this one.

2nd Quarter, 9:00: Tom Brady picked up the Patriots’ first third down conversion on his own, scrambling for 11 yards to the Denver 29.

Aqib Talib made the stop for Denver, and gave Brady some love after the hit.

2nd Quarter, 10:21: Brady went James Whites’ way on 2nd-and-10, picking up the first down over the middle, but White was a little wobbly after taking a huge hit by Darian Stewart.

2nd Quarter, 11:02: The Broncos were flagged for illegal contact on 3rd-and-9, as Gronk was held by T.J. Ward.

Wolfe got a huge hit on Brady on the play though.

2nd Quarter, 13:41: Controversy! The Patriots’ tablets aren’t working on the sidelines. Wonder if they’re streaming the Denver broadcast on them instead of pulling up defensive formations?

NFL rules say the Broncos don’t have to shut theirs down, because the Patriots can still print out pictures the old fashioned way. They are apparently working frantically to get those tablets up and running for the Patriots.

Imagine if this game was in New England and this happened to the Broncos.

2nd Quarter, 13:46 — Broncos 14, Patriots 6

Manning found Daniels in the right corner of the end zone for their second TD connection of the day, and the Broncos have a 14-6 lead.

The score came on another third down conversion by the Broncos, as Jamie Collins got turned around in coverage and Daniels sprung loose. The Broncos are 3-for-5 on third down in this one.

The Patriots are not doing themselves any favors so far, and find themselves in a eight-point hole.

2nd Quarter, 14:35: Tom Brady has thrown some bad passes in Denver throughout his career. He just threw another.

He went looking for Gronk with a soft pass on second down, and was picked by Von Miller at the New England 20. A four-yard return has Denver in great position to add to their lead.

It was a very poor read by Brady. Just a very odd game thus far. Plenty of football left in this one.

2nd Quarter, 14:46: Manning went looking for Thomas on 3rd-and-9, but he overthrew his target and the Broncos had to punt it away.

The Pats will start their next drive at their own 13-yard line.

End 1st Quarter — Broncos 7, Patriots 6

I guess Peyton Manning can still throw the deep ball, on occasion.

Manning went deep to Sanders, with Butler all over him, and Sanders somehow came down with a 34-yard grab down to the New England 40. Butler had position, but was beat on the play.

After a 1-yard run by Hillman, Denver will have it at the New England 39 when the second quarter begins.

1st Quarter, 1:52 — Broncos 7, Patriots 6

Veteran running back Steven Jackson took advantage of some nice blocking up the gut and rushed in a 1-yard touchdown. But Steven Gostkowski missed his first extra point of the season, and the Patriots trail 7-6. It’s his first missed extra point since 2006.

Just some more Mile High Madness. Anything and everything can happen when the Patriots play in Denver.

1st Quarter, 2:23: Wow, the Patriots have won the challenge and have the football. They take over at the Denver 22. What a huge play and challenge.

1st Quarter, 2:23: Manning went to Hillman on a 2nd-and-8 pass, and it looked like it was a backward pass.

Jonathan Freeny scooped up the ball after Hillman didn’t come up with it, but the refs blew the play dead. The Patriots have challenged the ruling that it was a forward pass.

1st Quarter, 3:08: After Danny Amendola picked up five yards on second down, Brady had no one open and had to scramble on third down. He was brought down by Derek Wolfe, the first sack allowed by the Patriots this postseason.

The Patriots make nothing of a nice return by Amendola, thanks to that dumb penalty by Stork.

1st Quarter, 4:38: Stephen Jackson had a nice run on first down, but it was negated on an unnecessary roughness penalty by Bryan Stork for a very, very dumb headbutt.

That has the Patriots facing a 2nd-and-20.

1st Quarter, 5:05: The Patriots D comes up big, forcing a Denver three-and-out.

After Manning and Thomas connected for six yards on first down, Hillman was hit for a yard loss on second down. Manning went to Fowler on third down, but Justin Coleman made a nice play to break it up. And no flags on this one!

Danny Amendola has the Patriots’ offense set up well, breaking off a 28-yard return to the New England 40.

1st Quarter, 6:40: The Patriots can’t answer Denver’s score, as they go three-and-out. Brady found Edelman, who made a great catch as he fell to the ground, on first down for seven yards, but that was it. Brady went Gronk’s way on third down but couldn’t connect, as Gronk was blanketed by safety T.J. Ward. There was a lot of contact on the play and Gronk was begging for a flag, but he’s not going to get that call in Denver.

Scott Zolak probably isn’t very pleased with that one, and for good reason. If they flagged Logan Ryan on the last drive, they should have thrown one on Ward.

Ryan Allen sent his punt 55 yards, with Norwood bringing it back 16 yards to the Denver 34.

1st Quarter, 7:32 — Broncos 7, Patriots 0

The Patriots are playing zone and leaving the middle of the field wide open, and Manning has made them pay. He found tight end Owen Daniels wide open over the middle for a 21-yard score to give Denver an early 7-0 lead in this one.

That’s just the second touchdown pass from Manning in Denver this season.

Denver picked up five first downs on the 11-play drive, four of which came through the air, going 1-for-1 on third down with Ryan’s penalty moving the chains for them on another. They averaged 6.3 yards per play on that drive.

1st Quarter, 9:40: It looked like the Patriots’ D had forced a Broncos punt, but Logan Ryan was whistled for PI on DeMaryius Thomas on a 3rd-and-6 try. The flag came in very late, but Ryan was definitely holding on to Thomas. That gives the Broncos the ball at the New England 42.

1st Quarter, 13:02: After picking up that early first down, the Patriots offense couldn’t do much else.

Facing a 3rd-and-8, Brady went over the middle to Gronk but it looked more like a Manning pass. It’s a good thing it was such a low pass though, with Darian Stewart waiting for an easy interception had it been on target.

A 47-yard punt by Ryan Allen and a solid special teams tackle by Brandon King has the Broncos set up at their own 17-yard line.

1st Quarter, 14:10: The Patriots start with two quick passes that gained 13 yards — the first to Gronk for 5 yards and the second to Edelman over the middle for 8 yards.

Chris Harris Jr. was on Edelman as he moved the chains for New England.

1st Quarter, 15:00: We’re underway in Denver, with McManus sending the opening kick through the end zone. The Pats will start with the ball at their own 20.

Pregame 3:01 p.m.: The Patriots have won the coin toss and chose to receive. That’s a change from the norm under Bill Belichick.

I don’t like it. Next thing we know dogs and cats will be living together and mass hysteria will take over the nation.

Pregame 2:37 p.m.: Ty Law, who will serve as an honorary captain for the Patriots today in Denver, and Willie McGinest joined 98.5 The Sports Hub along with team president Robert Kraft, and shared some very good insight about facing off against Peyton Manning.

Law, who made a knack of picking off Manning throughout his career, said it’s important for the defense to ignore Manning’s “Omaha’s” and other audibles, because more times than not “he’s talking to himself.”

Pregame: 2:22 p.m.: Patriots head coach Bill Belichick just chatted with 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Scott Zolak on Patriots Pregame, and is ready for his 10th AFC Championship Game.

“It’s great to be here and playing in this game today. It’s what you work for all year long, to get to this spot. Hopefully we can take advantage of it and move on,” said Belichick.
“We expect a close, tight kind of game. It may come down to the last play or series, and maybe more. That’s what we’re preparing for.”

Belichick said special teams will play an important role in this one, as it seems it has in every playoff game so far this season. And while the media loves to drum up the Brady-Manning rivalry (and why not, it’s been great), Belichick downplayed it with Zolak.

“Those two guys are never on the field at the same time. We’re just trying to figure out what to do when Tom’s out there and how to defend Peyton when he’s out there.”

Pregame 2:15 p.m.: Special teams was a big part of Week 12’s showdown between these two teams, and figures to be a key part of today’s tilt.

Chris Harper’s fumbled punt back in November is what sparked Denver’s comeback. Today, the trio of Danny Amendola, Keshawn Martin and Julian Edelman are all back fielding punts as we are under an hour away from kickoff.

Pregame 1:33 p.m.: New England’s inactives for today’s game are out, and there are no surprises on the list:

It’s the same list of inactives as the Patriots had last week against the Chiefs.

No surprises on the Broncos’ front either:

Denver corner Chris Harris is active and will play Sunday.

Pregame 1:15 p.m.: Kickoff is just a few hours away, as the Patriots and Broncos will battle for a spot in Super Bowl 50 this afternoon in Denver.

The Patriots look for their second straight Super Bowl berth and ninth in franchise history, which would set a new NFL record. Standing in their way are the Broncos, who beat the Pats in Denver in overtime back in Week 12.

Of course things are much, much different this time around. Tom Brady will have both Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola to try and pick apart Wade Phillips’ defense, and New England’s defense will have Jamie Collins and Dont’a Hightower out there to help stop a Denver rush attack that ran for 179 yards back in Week 12.

Stopping the run is the big key for the Patriots’ defense today, forcing Peyton Manning to beat the with his arm. While Manning remains one of the smartest quarterbacks in the game, father time is catching up to his arm strength and aerial abilities. Keeping Denver’s ground attack in check will force Manning to throw more than he wants, and by the second half he could be out of gas, much like he was last week against the Steelers in the Divisional Round. It will be important for the defense to get off the field on third down too, as the Chiefs went 12-for-20 on third down in last week’s Divisional Round win.

Third down is just as important on offense too, with the Patriots just 2-for-13 on third down back in Week 12. Having Edelman and Amendola back on the field should help in that department, and Brady should have no problem getting the ball out of his hand in quick fashion, as he’s done all season. That will help keep the Broncos pass rush at bay as well.

The Patriots are the better team in this one, and should win and head to Santa Clara to defend last year’s title. But anything can happen in these Conference Championship games, especially when it’s the Patriots playing in Denver. One turnover can turn everything around, so taking care of the ball is more important than ever for the Patriots.

We’ll have all the updates throughout the afternoon, before, during and after the big game, so stick with!

Tune in to Sunday’s Patriots-Broncos AFC Championship game on 98.5 The Sports Hub and WBZ-TV — the flagship stations of the New England Patriots. You can also stream the game on


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