By Bill Shields

BOSTON (CBS) – He’s just a kid, but 12-year-old Dom DiOrio has a big heart and even bigger ideas.

It all started when he saw a homeless person last September. He said he felt bad and wanted to help. Dom and his father Chris started “Dom’s Dimes” collecting change for homeless shelters.

And then, Dom saw a homeless woman. “And he asked ‘why don’t these women have purses?'” Chris DiOrio recalled. “He said ‘well shouldn’t they have just one nice thing?'”

Dom's Dimes (WBZ-TV)

Dom’s Dimes (WBZ-TV)

So they registered Dom’s Dimes on Facebook and it snowballed. Their home is now overflowing with items for homeless people. And they’ve collected hundreds of purses, and filled them with toiletries and gloves.

“It makes me very happy that the message resonated with him,” said his father.

But does Dom have time for kid stuff? “I still do some of the things that other kids do,” Dom said. “But most of the stuff is helping the homeless.”

His father helped him incorporate “Dom’s Dimes”. Now, the 12-year-old is the state’s youngest CEO of a non-profit.

“It makes me feel happy inside that I am helping the homeless,” Dom said.

Bill Shields