BOSTON (CBS) — With Greg Bedard making his weekly visit to the show, Felger & Mazz hit the Sports Illustrated writer with 10 questions from around the NFL.

That included his picks for Wild Card weekend, but it’s one of Mazz’s picks that will probably shock you: He’s picking the Seahawks to lose to the Vikings!

Here are the 10 questions they sent Bedard’s way, and you can see his (and Mazz’s) responses in the video above:

10. Your thoughts on the situation in Indianapolis?

9. What are the Dolphins doing hiring Chris Grier as general manager?

8. Who is your league MVP?

7. Who is your defensive player of the year?

6. Should the Cleveland Browns stick with Johnny Manziel, and who should they hire to coach him?

5. Are people serious about Chip Kelly becoming New England’s offensive coordinator?

4. Should Josh McDaniels move on?

3. Who finishes second in the AFC East next year?

2. Who are your four Wild Card winners this weekend?

1. What should the Broncos do at quarterback?


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