MALDEN (CBS) – Strong wind caused a temporary wall to collapse on top of people walking on a Malden sidewalk Tuesday afternoon.

The plywood wall fell on five people, including a mother and her toddler in a carriage. The carriage protected the baby. The child’s mother and another woman were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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Albertina Pierre got pinned underneath the wall. “She was like ‘Isaiah I could have died,’” her son said. “She started crying a little bit.”

Albertina Pierre was pinned underneath a wall in Malden (WBZ-TV)

Albertina Pierre was pinned underneath a wall in Malden (WBZ-TV)

Maureen Finn was also trapped underneath the wall when it fell on Pleasant Street.

“It was so heavy it was unbelievable, I wouldn’t wish it on anybody,” Finn said. “I had walked by it several times, I thought it would be light, but it just crushed all of us.”

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Paul Frazer ran out from a nearby jewelry store to try and rescue the people underneath the wall. “We didn’t know what happened so we just kind of ran out there and we saw some people underneath, we heard a baby crying, just tried to lift it up and get the people out from underneath,” Frazer said.

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The wall, made of plywood and metal, was designed to protect passersby from construction debris inside a new Japanese restaurant.

OSHA is investigating if there were any safety violations at the construction site.

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Malden building inspectors have not yet issued any citations.