QUINCY (CBS) — A man is facing multiple charges after he allegedly pulled a pellet gun on a couple during a road rage incident in Quincy Sunday afternoon.

Matthew Freeman, 21, of Quincy, is expected to be arraigned Monday in Quincy District Court. He has been charged with two counts of armed assault with intent to murder.

Police say Freeman yelled at the couple and wanted to know if they had a problem with him after they left McKay’s Breakfast and Lunch on Franklin Street. It’s unclear why he confronted them, police said.

When the couple drove off, Freeman allegedly started tailgating them. The woman told investigators she stopped driving because she was scared, and that’s when Freeman got out of his car and tried to open her door.

The man in the car with her confronted Freeman, police say, and moments later Freeman threatened them with what looked like a green handgun he grabbed from his car. Police say the weapon was actually a pellet gun.

The woman captured video of the incident, and another witness told police he heard Freeman shout “I’ll blow your head off” while he cocked the gun.

Investigators say they were able to find Freeman’s home address by running his license plate number, which could be seen in the video, and that’s where he was taken into custody.