BOSTON (CBS) – The twin sister of Whitey Bulger’s longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig spoke at length on Thursday for the first time.

It happened outside Federal Court, and gives inside information about Bulger and Greig, who were in hiding for 16 years.

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Margaret McCusker, Greig’s twin sister, has been tight-lipped for years. Even though she often came to court during trials, she was unwilling to answer questions.

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Today, however, she let loose, starting off by telling WBZ-TV her sister simply “fell in love with the wrong person.”

“I want my sister home. I want to be able to walk the islands, have dinner with her, watch a movie. It’s been too long,” said McCusker, sobbing.

Catherine Greig. (Photo from U.S. Marshals Service)

Catherine Greig. (Photo from U.S. Marshals Service)

Greig and convicted mobster Whitey Bulger were on the run for 16 years. McCusker came to court today to rail against the authorities who are putting pressure on Greig to give up information about others who may have helped the duo dodge the law.

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“‘Do you have something that you could tell us that could help?’ She said, ‘No I really don’t, but if I did I’m not going to say something against him.  I won’t. I love him,’” says McCusker. “They’re still after my sister.  I mean, how many women have gone to jail because of a boyfriend?  It’s crazy and she’s already been in their longer than one of the men in the case.”

McCusker says she talks to her sister several times a week, and is certain Greig knows nothing more.

“He’s an old gangster. Old gangsters didn’t tell girlfriends anything. Never, ever told their girlfriends anything. It’s the young gangsters that tell their girlfriends everything,” McCusker says.

(Photo from U.S. Marshals Service)

Whitey Bulger. (Photo from U.S. Marshals Service)

McCusker also communicates with Bulger.

“He knows he did wrong things, but he’s still so sorry he’s affected other people, his family, Cathy, even me. Nobody is all bad, nobody is all bad,” says McCusker. “I want my sister to be let go. Five years is enough for her. That’s enough. What other woman has spent five years in jail because she left with her boyfriend?  She didn’t hurt anybody.”

Greig is charged with criminal contempt for refusing to give information to authorities about anyone who might have helped her and Bulger hide.

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Prosecutors are putting pressure on her, threatening to extend her prison sentence.  So far, she isn’t playing ball.