BOSTON (CBS) — Maybe Rex Ryan should have worn a helmet to his conference call with the New England media on Thursday.

It seems like the Patriots are always on Ryan’s mind, but whatever you do, don’t ask him about that perceived obsession — especially if you’re a reporter from New England.

The Buffalo Bills coach, who just a few hours earlier explained that obsession with the Buffalo media, took a bit of a different approach when asked about it Thursday on a conference call with the New England media.

“You know what, the only reason I talk about them is that they’re the No. 1 team in our division. That’s where we want to be,” Ryan told reporters after being asked if losing eight of his last nine against the Pats keeps him up at night. “I know you guys always say I’m obsessed with them and all that. You guys are obsessed with them, not me. I want to beat them but you’re the ones that talk about them every single day.”

Ryan admitted that he wants to beat the Patriots more than any other team, but that’s the way it should be when you’re talking about a franchise that has enjoyed a stretch of success like New England.

“Do I want to beat them more than any team? Yeah, because they’re the standard. They’ve won and they’re the ones who win the division,” he said. “You guys write about how I’ve lost seven of eight, so why are you even talking to me? I obviously have no clue on how to attack them or defend them. So, you guys should talk to somebody else who’s got a better record than I do.”

Things didn’t get better when Ryan was asked if quarterback Tyrod Taylor has improved since Buffalo’s Week 2 loss to New England, when he threw three interceptions and was sacked eight times by the Patriots.

“I don’t know. You guys are the experts, you’ll figure it out,” he said. “I know we had three interceptions the last time we played them. You guys will pick out the positives.”

To break the tension a bit, CSNNE’s Tom Curran simply asked Rex: “Why are you so mad at us?”

“I just think the way you guys spin everything, you put everything I say, you take whatever it is, you put it out there the way you want to,” Ryan responded. “I understand it. You guys have covered this matchup for years and years. We’ve got no business being on the same field. That’s what you said. We’ve lost seven of eight, I’ve lost seven of eight against them. So, don’t talk to me. I’m sitting back here and I’ll answer the question, whatever. I don’t know why you even bother.”

There’s never a dull moment when Rex faces off against the Patriots.


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