WASHINGTON (CBS) — President Barack Obama finally has his own page on Facebook, and in his first post, he gives a shoutout to some New Hampshire elementary school students.

In the video posted Monday afternoon, the commander-in-chief gives the world a short tour of the White House grounds – his backyard for the past seven years.

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“There’s a lot of critters out here,” Obama says. “There’s a hawk that some kids named Lincoln, who flies around here.”

“Some kids” are the students at Lincoln Akerman School in Hampton Falls.

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Back in March, the fourth graders made a name for themselves when they went to the New Hampshire House of Representatives to propose making the red-tailed hawk the state raptor. They were rejected, with one legislator making an abortion reference and another saying “we’ll be picking a state hot dog next.”

But their story caught the attention of the White House, who reached out to the students for help naming a hawk that had recently made its home on the grounds of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. They settled on “Lincoln.”

“The name recognizes the visionary leadership of our 16th President and the proximity of the Lincoln Memorial to the White House—all with the added bonus of sneaking in a plug for their school,” The White House said.

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The president’s video was shared more than 2,000 times on Facebook in just an hour. He said he hopes to use his own Facebook page to talk about climate change and other important issues facing the nation.