98.5 The Sports Hub’s Scott Zolak hit the ground running on Tuesday morning, on the heels of the Colts losing in overtime on Monday Night Football. Here’s what Zo had to say, edited only for clarity and Zo-isms.

What’s going on?! Suck it, Ryan Grigson! Even playing field!

That’s what you get when you call people out. You can’t lose enough.

The Indianapolis Colts are my new Jets. They can’t lose enough.

I like the Jets now. I don’t care. I like Todd Bowles. I like Darrelle Revis. I don’t care that Woody Johnson meddled behind the scenes. Who cares?

Indianapolis Colts — you’re everybody’s bitch now. And I love it.

Nobody respects you.

Everybody thinks they’re going to beat you.

You know what’s next for you? 4:25 p.m. on Sunday. Denver’s coming, baby! And guess who quarterbacks ’em? Peyton Manning. I’d put him in a hyperbaric chamber, not let him sleep all week, just pour oxygen all over him. I want Peyton Manning to go 45-of-50 at Lucas Oil Stadium. And I want Andrew Luck to throw another five picks.

He doesn’t protect the ball. I’m tired of the elite talk. He is not an elite quarterback. He’s in trouble. He’s regressing.

And you can say he come at the end. Yeah, that’s great. Hey that’s great — we’re the best second-half team in football!

I want to hear Chuck Pagano postgame. I want to know who Grigson was talking to on his phone. I want everything.

I’d love to be Bob Kravitz today. Because your life’s miserable. What do you write about if you’re in Indy? Because you’ve got nothing else. Colts are all you have. Got a hell of a steakhouse — St. Elmo’s is dope.

You know what?

You can’t lose enough.

I want to have a party for the Texans. Break out the letterman jackets today. Today is a letterman jacket day, because you are tied for first in the AFC South. For all the problems the Texans have … come on, Billy O’Brien. Let’s go. Get ’em playing. Coach ’em up. Because you’ve got a chance.

Have you looked at who the Colts have beaten? They’ve beaten the Titans (1-6), the Jaguars (2-5) and the Texans (3-5). They should be 1-7 right now. How many field goals did Jacksonville miss? That game was handed to you.

How do you not fire the head coach?

Andrew Luck is becoming Brett Favre. It’s getting to that point with Luck, where you look at him in the pocket, and his feet are uneasy. He’s sliding up. Ball security is at an all-time low. What would Bill Belichick do if he were his head coach?

He’s going backwards, folks.

And here’s the bad thing for him — Pep Hamilton has done nothing to help him. Hasn’t sat him down and said, “You know what? Shorten it up.”

It’s a mental thing. It’s a mental mind-set.

Here’s the problem from the rookie year — even when he was a rookie and in his sophomore year and the junior year, even after turnovers, the greatest thing about Luck (and everybody would talk about it) was his ability to forget the bad play. He got so conditioned to believe that interceptions weren’t bad, that he took the mentality of “I’m just gonna come right back up,” the Colts will put him back up. Get him back up. He’s Maverick. Get him back up flying again, Goose.

No. You can’t do it at this level.

What type of touch does Andrew Luck have on those underneath close crossers, or screen passes, or flat routes? What kind of touch does he use on his ball? None. Everything’s a hundred miles per hour.

If he’s hurt, then get him out. Because he’s not winning games for you. He’s 1-5 as a starter. Matt Hasselbeck is 2-0. You tell me what you’d do if you’re coaching for your job. I’d sit his ass.

The Colts are tied with the Texans for first place in the division. Would you feel worse if you’re the Colts or if you’re the Texans? I’d feel better if I was the Texans. I would. Because the Colts have done nothing to fix or help their defense. They’re the same thing. They really are.

They play Denver at 4:25 p.m. You are the national CBS game. Hoo! You’re on the big stage again. Then guess where they go? At Atlanta. They have to go at Pittsburgh. At Jacksonville, which is no longer a gimme for them. Jacksonville will play ’em tough. Houston. Miami. Tennessee. Tampa could beat them.

They’re in trouble.

Listen to the full talk with Marc Bertrand below:


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