By Kate Merrill, WBZ-TVBy Kate Merrill

BOSTON (CBS) – Parking in Boston, we all know it’s bad, even on a good day.

One man tells us, “generally in Boston, parking is very expensive. That’s why I don’t have a car.”

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But if you do have a car, and live in Boston you must pay a premium to get a private spot saved just for you. And one of the most prime spots just came on the market here in the Brimmer Street lot on Beacon Hill.

Realtor David Bates says, “You get 171 square feet of parking, in a valet building in the flat side of Beacon Hill.”

And the price tag for all that is just $650,000.

“I think it’s pretty shocking,” Bates says.

Bates works for William Raves and writes his own blog called the Bates Real Estate Report. He says this new listing, is off the charts.

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Bates says, “As an agent looking at the valuation the last spot sold in there for $390,000 less than a month ago and that’s a 50 percent increase. I know prices are going up fast but not 50 percent a month.”

People who park here now say it has gotten real expensive, real fast. In the 90’s, a spot in this garage cost just $60,000.

Twenty years later and 10 times as much, it’s the most expensive spot ever listed in the city and more than half the condos in Boston. What will be amazing says Bates, if it sells.

Bates says, “I’m pretty shocked by it, it will be an even bigger story if the guy gets 650 or even something close to that.”

The listing came onto MLS on Friday, but as of Tuesday it has been temporarily suspended.

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We called the listing agent Aaron Cohen and we have not heard back.

Kate Merrill