The Top 5 Sports Callers of the week is a weekly installment from CBS Local Sports that will bring you the wildest callers from across the nation.

Number 5: In this week’s episode we start with Adam from Miami who called in to the Joe Rose show on 560 WQAM to explain why he’s part of a group of guys who pay for anti-Al Golden banners to fly over Miami football games. 

Number 4: Checking in at four is Kimberly from Atlanta who joined Rick and Jamie on 92.9 The Game because she’s feeling all warm and fuzzy inside following the Falcons win over the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football. 

Number 3: The number three caller this week was Jerry from Sandusky, Ohio calling in to Baskin and Phelps on 92.3 The Fan to list all the things that are wrong with the Browns. 

Number 2: The two spot goes to Shirley from Philadelphia who hopped on with Angelo Cataldi and the Morning Team on 94 WIP because she’s upset with the Eagles performance in Week 1. 

Number 1: Finally, the top spot is Big E from Cleveland who called in to Baskin and Phelps on 92.3 The Fan with a suggestion for a new mantra for the Cleveland Browns. 


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