By Paula Ebben

BOSTON (CBS) – A “suite sleep over” for two Red Sox fans who are getting ready for a dream night at Fenway, spending the night in a luxury suite. Kim Ramsay, who grew up in Dorchester, won an Airbnb contest for a night at the old towne park. And even though she hoped her Dad would be able to have this first of a kind experience, she and her husband know they’ve hit a home run.

Kim and Tony Ramsay started their Fenway dream day with an experienced tour guide, Red Sox great Tim Wakefield who showed them the park including an inside look at the Green Monster, taught them how to throw a knuckle ball and even played a game of catch with them. The Ramsay’s are over the moon.

“I have not slept since the original phone call a week ago Monday. I have not slept! It’s like Santa has come,” says Kim.

“I think it’s really cool. They won the raffle and it’s an opportunity. They’re huge Red Sox fans,” says Wakefield.

The airbnb ad for the Fenway Park sleepover. (Image credit: Airbnb-Boston Red Sox)

The airbnb ad for the Fenway Park sleepover. (Image credit: Airbnb-Boston Red Sox)

After enjoying Wednesday’s game from primo seats, the Ramsays will spend the night in a private suite being converted into an apartment with a view of the park.

“This is a dream come true. It absolutely is. This is history being made. How lucky are we?” Kim says.

Kim’s was one of 20,000 brief essays entered to win a night at the park.

She wrote about her 76-year-old father, Freddie Moran, who worked at the Baseball Tavern near Fenway during every game, so could never go himself. But Freddie’s under the weather so his daughter and son-in-law are happy to pinch hit.

“We’re just having an awesome time. Everybody’s treating us great,” says Tony Ramsay.

The Ramsays also received Red Sox shirts with their names on them and seats behind the dugout.

Paula Ebben


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