BOSTON (CBS) —  It’s been a long time since Reggie Wayne has had to learn a whole new playbook, so when he officially joined the New England Patriots on Tuesday, he knew there’d be a lot of studying over the next couple of weeks just to get up to speed.

As for his speed on the field, even at the age of 36, the 14-year veteran says he still has plenty left in the tank. Otherwise he wouldn’t be in Foxboro today, donning his new Patriots jersey.

“I’m excited about the transition,” Wayne told the large collection of reporters gathered around his locker. “I have so much work ahead of me; I’m sitting at my locker cramming. It’s been some years since I had to cram like this.”

Wayne and the Indianapolis Colts parted ways this offseason, but he’s been training at home in Miami since May, waiting for a new opportunity to come. He’s well aware that he has some catching up to do with the regular season just two weeks, and after a down season in 2014, there will be plenty of doubters out there.

But Wayne blocks out all of that oustide chatter and focuses on what he needs to do on the field.

“My main thing is I want to play football and this is the best opportunity for me,”said Wayne. “I want to win, point blank.”

WBZ-TV’s Levan Reid reports

This new opportunity for Wayne includes playing for one of the greatest coaches and greatest quarterback in the game. He has the utmost respect for Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, who he’s admired from across the sidelines throughout his career despite a heated Patriots-Colts rivalry. He anxious to get to work with both, and said he’d put in some extra work with Brady if quarterback would like.

With two very different playbooks between Indianapolis and New England, it’s going to be a challenge, but one Wayne is eager to dive into.

“No comparisons; that makes it even worse,” he joked. “But I’m excited about the opportunity and excited about the challenge. All the guys have welcomed me with open arms. It should be sweet.”

Wayne has worn No. 87 throughout his career, but that number is already taken by his new teammate Rob Gronkowski. He’ll now wear No. 15 with the Patriots.

Receiver Reggie Wayne practices with the New England Patriots for the first time. (WBZ-TV)

Receiver Reggie Wayne practices with the New England Patriots for the first time. (WBZ-TV)

“I would assume you make the number, but it’s a new place, new journey, new path, new number,” he said.

Wayne says there are no hard feelings towards his old team, and he isn’t even thinking about facing off against the Colts for the first time in Week 6. Right now, he’s pretty focused on what he needs to do in order to get up to speed with his new team.

“I’m worried about today, getting better and figuring out this playbook, figuring out my way around this maze,” he said. “When that times comes it comes.”


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