By Jon Keller

BOSTON (CBS) — The Associated Press is reporting that with the Congressional vote on approving the nuclear deal with Iran barely more than a month away, “more than half of the state’s all-Democratic delegation is still on the fence.”

The Massachusetts delegation? Proud host state for the president’s vacation? Former home of dealmaker John Kerry?


It’s one thing for partisans to oppose a controversial initiative like this from a president of the other party. But when the president says they’re doing it out of spite, and suggests they’re “making common cause” with Iranian hard-liners, you wonder how that meshes with the sight of so many Democratic partisans with grave doubts about the deal.

You just can’t get more partisan than New York Senator Chuck Schumer, in line to succeed Harry Reid as the Senate Democratic leader. But he came out last week in blunt opposition to the plan, claiming Iran’s leaders will “use the agreement to pursue its nefarious goals” and concluding: “We are better off without an agreement than with one.”

The polls show lukewarm public support for this at best, but the White House only needs one-third plus one of the House or Senate to get it through. So it appears this whole story will come down to questions of trust.

Do we trust that Kerry and company got the best deal they could? Do we trust the motives of our European allies?

And most of all, do we trust Iran not to prove us dangerously gullible a few years down the road?

Maybe so many of our local pols are still on the fence because they don’t want to wade into water where the sharks may be gearing up to feed on the seals.

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