The Museum of Fine Arts is apologizing today following a controversial event that some were calling racist.

The controversy surrounds “Kimono Wednesdays”,  an attraction scheduled to run throughout July at the MFA.

Visitors were invited to “channel your inner Camille Monet” by wearing kimonos that were provided by the museum and to pose for photos in front of Claude Monet’s “La Japonaise,” a painting of the artist’s wife wearing a kimono.

The MFA says when the painting traveled throughout Japan for an exhibition, historically accurate kimonos were made for visitors to wear.

But when the painting came to the MFA, some protested, saying the gesture was racist.

So now, the museum says the kimonos will be on display every Wednesday evening in July for visitors to touch—but not try on.

In a statement, the MFA says, “We apologize for offending any visitors, and welcome everyone to participate in these programs on Wednesday evenings. We look forward to continuing the Museum’s long-standing dialogue about the art, culture and influence of Japan.”

What do you think about the MFA’s decision to change its kimono event after some called it racist?

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