BOSTON (CBS) — When Tom Brady, attorney Jeffrey Kessler and representatives from the NFLPA head to New York on Tuesday to fight the quarterback’s four-game suspension, they know that commissioner Roger Goodell — aka the man who issued that punishment — will be there to hear the case.

Now, it appears as though another unwanted guest will be present as well.

According to NFL Network’s Albert Breer, Ted Wells himself will be at the hearing.

Breer added that Wells will address the AEI report, which used the scientific data provided in the Wells report to conclude that it is “unlikely” that the Patriots’ footballs were actually deflated after inspection.

“The Wells report conclusions are likely incorrect, and a simple misunderstanding appears to have led the NFL to these incorrect conclusions,” the AEI report said. The trio of authors from AEI also wrote that the Wells report ignores the “straightforward physics” that “fully” explains the discrepancy in air pressure levels between the Patriots’ and Colts’ footballs.

Brady’s appeal hearing is set to begin Tuesday morning in New York, with Thursday set as a second date if one day is not enough time to conclude. Based on the way the meeting is shaping up, additional time certainly seems likely.


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