BOSTON (CBS) — And to think Michael Felger was just starting to root for LeBron James.

He’d still like to see LeBron and the Cavaliers win the NBA Championship this year, but on Thursday night, he was reminded why LeBron is one of those “Love ’em or Hate ’em” kind of players.

The incident in question occurred in the second quarter of Thursday night’s Game 4 against the Warriors. James took a shot from Golden State’s Andrew Bogut under the Cleveland basket, and went flying into the numerous cameramen set up on the court. He hit a camera with his head and wriggled on the floor in pain for a few minutes, leading some to fear the worst.

No worries though, it turns out it was just a scratch on his head. He was glued up (and received stitches after the game) and proceeded to have a scoreless fourth quarter in the 103-82 Cavaliers loss.

Seeing James throw himself into the cameramen and then roll around the floor made Felger’s blood boil.

“The situation with him throwing himself into the first row has got me throwing up in my mouth. This is just so typical,” Felger said. “Now we’re talking about concussion protocol and moving the cameramen out of the first row — over a scratch on the top of his head on a play he did not need to go spilling into the first row.

“For some reason, he decided to take two extra steps and carry his whole body into that row of cameramen. He could have gone down after one step, but I don’t know why he felt like doing it or what he was doing. It was not that hard of a shot from Bogut, but he decided to go into the first row and scratch the top of his head,” Felger continued.

“Oh my, the drama,” he shouted. “There are a lot of NBA players who would have gotten right up. He was rolling around, grasping at his head… I hope he can pull through it.”

Felger went on to say there are a lot of NBA players who would have just gotten up. He’s seen baseball players get plunked with a 99 MPH fastball and trot to first base without so much of a blink, and NFL players suffer horrific injuries but not roll around the ground. And hockey players?

“I won’t even start with hockey; that’s unfair,” said Felger. “But that’s a bloodbath that sport, regularly. Teeth lost on a daily basis, pucks off the face and blood and stitches. And they’re not missing shifts.”

As much as Felger is rooting for LeBron, Thursday night was hard to stomach.

“You little, melodramatic child,” Felger said of James. “Get up and take your free throws. You’re fine. It’s a scratch. You scratched your head.”




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