BOSTON (CBS) — It was another “Would You Rather Wednesday” on the Game of Jones! 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Adam Jones was given the following choices by Rich Keefe.

Play along below:

For this season only, would you rather have Adam Jones or Jose Bautista?

“I like the big boppers, but I have to go with my namesake here. He’s a better all-around player than Bautista, who brings a big stick. But Jones is a better overall player; if you were watching the game [Wednesday night] he showed off his arm, his ability to make diving catches in the field, he can hit for power, hit for average,” said Jones. “I would prefer him over Bautista this year.”

In the NBA Draft, would you rather have picks 16 and 28 or 13?

“I’ll go 16 and 28,” said Jones. “Pick 13 is slightly higher up but it’s not a huge difference up from 16. I know it’s not a deep draft, or it’s not considered to be a deep draft, so I’d rather get two guys in it rather than just 13.

“The Celtics moved up a few years ago, all the way to 13 in a weak draft and got Kelly Olynyk. If that’s what you’re doing, I don’t need to see that again,” he said. “I’ll take a couple of darts and hope they hit on one.”

For your NBA head coach, would you rather have David Blatt or an empty chair?

“I think I’m going to go chair. There is just more time on the TV broadcast for you,” said Jones. “I could watch LeBron a little more, some more of [Matthew] Dellavedova. I don’t need these David Blatt shots where he’s drawing something on the grease board that no one is listening to him.”

Would you rather go to an actual dinosaur park or Mars?

“I would rather go to Mars. We talked about this the other night, I’m pretty sure we’ll be colonizing Mars at some point,” said Jones. “Isn’t Jurassic World dangerous? No one has really been to Mars, but I’m pretty sure I’m not surviving [Jurassic World].”

Of all the ladies of Jurassic Park, would you rather Laura Dern, Julianne Moore, Tea Leone or Bryce Dallas Howard?

“Laura Dern, we can rule her right out. Bryce Dallas Howard, I was not familiar with her and had to look her up. Once I learned [she was Ron Howard’s daughter] she was out for me. I’ll tell you what, Tea Leone in her prime, there’s something going on there,” said Jones. “I narrowed it down to [Moore] and Tea Leone, give me Tea Leone.”

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