BOSTON (CBS) – At the Roxbury mosque where Usaamah Rahim used to pray, family and friends gathered to mourn his death at a traditional Muslim service.

“We just need some time to continue the grieving process today,” said Imam Ibrahim Rahim, Usaamah’s brother.

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The family of the 26-year-old suspected of a terror plot asked for privacy and prayers.

“Thank you for your regard, respect and your prayers,” Imam Ibrahim said. “God bless you all. God bless the country and Boston Strong.”

On Tuesday, Rahim was shot to death by police and the FBI, when he allegedly approached officers with a knife. He is suspected of plotting to kill members of law enforcement.

The family viewed the video of that encounter on Thursday, but has not commented on it.

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Imam Adbullah Faaruuq (WBZ-TV)

Imam Adbullah Faaruuq (WBZ-TV)

Who did comment Friday was Imam Adbullah Faaruuq, who sparked outrage when he accused police of murdering Rahim. “You can captured elephants without killing them,” Faaruuq said at a news conference at the scene of the shooting.

A day later he apologized.

“I don’t believe that the police acted irrationally; I think that it was a situation that warranted what they did,” Faaruuq said.

Usaamah Rahim (L) and David Wright (R) (WBZ-TV)

Usaamah Rahim (L) and David Wright (R) (WBZ-TV)

“But it could have been handled better. I continue to make this statement. It could have been handled better. They might have been able to preserve his life.”

Faaruuq said he doesn’t blame the officers and does not want to incite any distrust or hatred.

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The investigation into the alleged terror plot continues. Rahim’s friend, David Wright, remains in custody and a third man connected to the case has not been charged.