BOSTON (AP) — A Boston man who forced a 15-year-old girl into prostitution has been sentenced to up to seven years in prison.

Dominic Toledo was sentenced Thursday after pleading guilty to human trafficking, rape of a child, deriving support from prostitution, and inducing a minor into prostitution.

Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley says the victim was introduced to the 24-year-old Toledo through a mutual Facebook friend in 2013.

On Dec. 30, 2013, Toledo picked up the victim from her friend’s house, brought her to a home in Dorchester, and photographed her for an Internet advertisement. He also sexually assaulted her.

Authorities say Toledo brought the girl to a motel outside Boston where she met with a man who paid her for a sexual act and gave marijuana to Toledo.

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  1. Adam Alzoubi says:

    Rape and forced 15 years old into prostitution and been sentenced just for seven years ,this is ridiculous.

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