BOSTON (CBS) — It was another “Would You Rather Wednesday” on the Game of Jones! 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Adam Jones was given the following choices by Rich Keefe.

Play along below:

Would you rather trade Eduardo Rodriguez or Mookie Betts?

“Rodriguez has been ridiculous, but I would rather move him. This is a philosophical thing: I’d rather trade a pitcher every single time before a bat,” said Jones. “Mookie hasn’t gotten off to a great start… You look the way he’s hitting, he’s at .239. He was a little better in May and we’ll see where it goes in June. I’d still hold on to him, because he was a more well-regarded prospect before getting to the Major League level and Betts had success last year in a third of the season.

“It’s only two starts out of Rodriguez and they were electric, but I would rather trade the pitcher than the hitter.”

Would you rather have Ben Bishop or Corey Crawford?

“I’d rather have Crawford,” said Jones. “Bishop has had some big performances; shutouts in multiple Game 7’s, he won twice at Madison Square Garden after putting up a couple of stinkers before it in the Eastern Conference Finals. Perhaps I’m underestimating Bishop, but Crawford has been able to take the Blackhawks to a Cup finals.

“Maybe I’m getting more caught up in the team ahead of him rather than the goaltending,” Jones said of Crawford.

If both are 100% healthy, would you rather have Klay Thompson or Kyrie Irving on your team?

“Kyrie. He plays no defense, and I think Klay Thompson has added a little bit of defense, but when they’re both right and both healthy, I would take Irving over Thompson,” said Jones. “He can do so much more; Irving is a very good shooter and Thompson is a great shooter, but Irving can do so much more. He can drive to the basket, set up his teammates, though that’s not really his role with LeBron James.

“Thompson may be the better two-way player, but I think Irving is the better all-around player.”

Would you rather have the career of Robert Horry or Charles Barkley?

“I have to be honest. It would be nice to sit here and say I would rather win seven [championships], but I would rather have Barkley’s career,” answered Jones. “He didn’t win, but you’re talking about a guy who I still think the reason he didn’t win wasn’t because Barkley wasn’t good enough to win. Talk about taking a team to the NBA Finals, he did it in 1993 with the Suns.”

Would you rather Eva Longoria or Steph Curry’s mom?

“Eva Longoria is the easy answer,” said Jones. “I’ll tell you what though, Steph Curry’s mom does it for me.”


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