BOSTON (CBS) – It was an Over/Under Tuesday night on The Adam Jones Show’s “Game of Jones.”

In this latest edition, Adam Jones gives his take on the following topics:

– Number of games Tom Brady will be suspended for: 2.5 games

“Under, when it’s all said and done,” said Jones. “If it’s not reduced to at least a game or two, Brady will knock it down in federal court, for sure. When it’s all said and done, I think he’ll serve less than 2.5 games and I think he deserves to serve less than 2.5 games.

“It could be one [game], because he deserves something. He should have to sit out for being ‘generally aware.’ But if it’s more than that, or stays at four [games], that would be egregious in my mind,” said Jones.

– Number of touchdown passes for Brady this season: 30 touchdowns

“I’ll take the over on that. I expect Brady to have a monster year, and the Patriots to kick ass and take names, much like they did in the aftermath of SpyGate,” said Jones. “I’ve told you, if there are two silver linings from all of this, the first is we get a good look at Jimmy Garoppolo and can evaluate him more properly. You get a much better idea of Garoppolo in a season opener than in Week 17 or preseason games.

“The other thing is, you know the Patriots aren’t just going to beat teams but obliterate them,” he said.

– Where does Ryan Tannehill rank among quarterbacks in the NFL: Top 12

“I will say he’s over the Top 12, meaning he’s outside the Top 12. I don’t think he’s a longshot from getting in there, and can be a Top 10 quarterback,” said Jones. “I think he has some quality weapons, but I’m not ready to say he’s a Top 12 quarterback until I see it.”

– With six home runs on May 19, number of homers David Ortiz will hit this season: 25 home runs

“I’ll still take the over. Power for David Ortiz is not a question. Maybe health is, but I’m assuming he plays the vast majority of games. I don’t know what he’s going to hit and I don’t think he’s a .300 hitter anymore,but I think the power is legit with Ortiz.

– The height of the first player selected by Celtics in NBA Draft: 6-foot-9

“This isn’t what I want them to do but I think this is what they will do. They want that rim protector, that big man, so they’re going to bring in someone over 6-foot-9,” said Jones. “I think they need wing help and more scoring, guys that can go get their own shot late in the shot clock, but maybe they’ll get that in free agency.

“So I will say over; I think they’ll go with a big man and I think there are some big men in that stretch of the draft,” said Jones.


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