BROOKLINE, N.H. (CBS) — An 85-year-old man was arrested Saturday after an alleged road rage incident led to an hours-long police standoff at his home.

According to police, a driver, identified as Dean Chrystal, had pulled over to help a young girl after she fell off of her bike into the road. Alfred Stauble, 85, who was driving behind Chrystal began honking his horn and swerved around him. Police said after Chrystal told Stauble to stop driving, Stauble pointed a gun at Chrystal and kept driving.

When police arrived at Stauble’s home on Depot Road in Mason, NH, he refused to come out.  The standoff led police to shut down Depot Road for hours until Stauble finally surrendered.

Stauble is charged with criminal threatening with use of a deadly weapon. The same charge has been filed against Stauble in at least two prior incidents.



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