BOSTON (CBS) – It’s boxing night at McGreevey’s in Boston and it’s a packed house full of fight fans, but here’s the interesting thing: the actual boxing match is out in Las Vegas.

The so-called “Fight of the Century” features Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

McGreevey’s is one of the few bars willing to pay thousands of dollars in right’s fees to show the fight to their customers, and several fans didn’t seemed to mind the $25 cover charge. The bar had to pay $8,000 to show the fight.

“We were looking all over to get a place to watch this fight,” said one fan.

Meanwhile, it was a different story at The Fours, which didn’t show the fight due to the high costs. At maximum capacity, the bar would have had to pay $12,000.

Manager Jim Taggart spent the day taking dozens of phone calls from customers asking if the bar is showing the fight.

“That’s 300 people paying 40 bucks,” he said. “We hold 395 but with 300, it’s pretty jammed…so it’s not a very comfortable environment if you’re standing ten rows back staring at a TV.

“Plus the owner here (is) very, very loyal to his customers. I’d hate to be standing here at the door telling somebody who comes in here every Saturday you have to pay us 40 dollars to come in today he wouldn’t do that.”

Jim Smith


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